What Does an Amazon Product Manager Do? (2022)

What Does an Amazon Product Manager Do? (1)

Amazon is a company that’s built upon the idea of delivering the best products. Product-related roles are some of the most important jobs at the company. Therefore, the Amazon product manager job is not only high-priority but also pays well.

However, the full-time product management job comes with a lot of responsibilities. Amazon product manager jobs are in abundance, but getting hired is another challenge. Compared to other giants such as Google and Microsoft, Amazon has a much more thorough recruitment process. The process relies on Jeff Bezos’ hiring rules.

In this article, we’ll discuss Amazon product managers, their job description, and the roles and responsibilities they typically have.

What Does an Amazon Product Manager Do?

Amazon product managers need to be excellent planners and should have the ability to develop long-term plans. They work cross-functionally with other teams to set realistic goals. Once that’s done, they make sure those goals reach the finish line by keeping everyone focused.

Amazon product managers aren’t that different from other product managers. Their roles and responsibilities are typically the same, but the difference comes in the processes.

Furthermore, Amazon product managers have to work with technical product managers (TPM), senior product managers, program managers, product marketing managers, and other senior managers actively.

Along with the product team, they work on product development, the product roadmap, and set product requirements. At the same time, they work with product owners to figure out the right product features, product strategy, and make precise product decisions.

The company has a very document-driven culture that requires a lot of attention. As a result, Amazon product managers have excellent communication and documentation skills. Another major part of the PM role is the prioritization of tasks. Since the job often requires attention to multiple tasks at hand, principal product managers need to know what task to prioritize to ensure smooth operations.

Another major part of the job is to communicate and collaborate with all internal and external stakeholders actively. Sr. product managers often work with Amazon product managers to make sure everyone is on the same page.

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Since positive customer experience is precious at the company, Amazon product managers often end up working backward. The philosophy helps them create and build products that are focused on customers.

Amazon Product Manager Job Description

Most product manager job descriptions rely on the professional development of a product manager. In other words, they’re usually generalized.

Amazon product managers need to have a basic understanding of how the works. For example, they need to know how Amazon Web Services (AWS) work in the United States. Furthermore, they also need to know about all Amazon-based products such as the Kindle.

Amazon offices can be found all over the United States. You can work at Amazon offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, New York, Seattle, and even Silicon Valley. No matter where the job is, the job description for Amazon product managers tends to be the same.

Here’s what a typical Amazon product manager job description looks like.

“Amazon is one of the fastest-growing e-commerce giants that thrives on innovation. This position will allow you to plan, handle, and manage Amazon’s digital products across an extensive logistical network.

You will be working cross-functionally with internal teams that include account management, forward logistics, accounting, and sales/operations teams. You will also be working with retailers and external fulfillment providers to make sure everything is on track.

You may also be tasked with meeting retailers from time to time to make performance demands. Meanwhile, you’ll be making certain in-stock levels are sufficient for current products. Furthermore, you’ll also have to conduct analyses to figure out the pain points of products to ensure a better customer experience.

Ideally, you need to have five years of experience, a bachelor’s degree, and excellent leadership principles. You’ll have the option to develop flexible workweeks to have a better work/life balance.”

The Amazon product manager interview will help determine if the candidate is ready for the job. The interview process usually involves testing the candidate in different scenarios.

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Roles and Responsibilities of an Amazon Product Manager

Amazon has many departments, products, and business practices. Many of them require Amazon product managers to play slightly different roles. However, their primary roles and responsibilities remain the same.

The only adjustments are due to varying products and processes.

1. Understanding and Using Analytics

Amazon product managers are encouraged and expected to have a strong analytical background. They usually work with analytics a lot.

The product managers have to make informed decisions that can have multi-million dollar repercussions. Therefore, a large part of their job is prioritization. However, prioritizing often requires a lot of data to make the right decision.

Product managers do their research and collect the team’s research and analyze it. That analysis helps them figure out how to prioritize products, features, and tasks.

2. Launch Preparedness

Amazon is always working on new products and innovations. Meanwhile, they also work on current products and are continually updating them to ensure a positive customer experience.

That requires quick action, whether you’re launching a new product or just an update for a current product.

Amazon product managers should also be prepared to launch those updates and products quickly and efficiently at all times. It’s another reason why task prioritization is a considerable part of their jobs. It allows them to make sure they’re ready for all kinds of launches on time.

If you're interested in becoming a great Amazon product manager, then check out our certification courses to help you do just that.

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3. Customer Centricity

Amazon revolves around its customers; they have an extremely customer-centric work environment. Similarly, Amazon product managers have a duty to make sure all of their processes and products are customer-oriented.

Customer satisfaction is their one goal. As a result, Amazon product managers consistently work with product owners to make sure the right features make it into the final product.

The product managers have to make sure they collect user and customer research, analyze it, and share the findings with the teams. They also have to oversee the entire product process to make sure everything is taken in accordance to the customer's needs.

4. Communicating and Collaborating with Stakeholders

As an Amazon product manager, a large part of the job is to develop an efficient collaboration system. Product managers have to communicate with internal and external stakeholders regularly.

Internal stakeholders include product teams, product marketing teams, sales teams, finance teams, and other senior managers. External stakeholders include third-party associations, suppliers, retailers, and, most importantly, customers.

Amazon product managers hold countless meetings and discussions. The idea is to not only make sure everyone is on the same page but also to build synergy. Product managers make sure interdepartmental communication is smooth and efficient. They make sure the product team works well with the development team and the engineering team.

You can think of Amazon product managers as mediators in many scenarios. Ideally, communication and collaboration are done in person. However, telecommunication tools are often used; therefore, Amazon product managers should also be aware of communication tools.

5. Conduct Market Research

All product managers have to conduct market research to learn about their products and the market. Amazon product managers usually conduct market research at every development stage.

The idea is to understand and learn how your product fits the market. Furthermore, Amazon product managers also use market research to determine how the product would fit in new markets. This activity helps determine what changes need to be made to the product.

The product manager shares the market research and analysis with the product team and the product owner. They then try to adjust the product features and requirements accordingly.

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Amazon product managers are single-handedly responsible for making sure the end-product is acceptable in the market. Since the entire is based on customer-centricity, Amazon product managers need to be extra vigilant during market research.

Becoming an Amazon Product Manager

Product manager jobs are getting more common as companies are becoming even more customer-oriented. However, this has made the jobs of product managers at major companies like Amazon more intense and demanding.

The good thing is that the job is very rewarding. You get to learn a lot, work on several projects, increase your product knowledge, and, most importantly, experience tremendous personal growth.

For recruiters, it’s much easier to find the ideal Amazon product manager because of the extensive training provided by the company. It doesn’t take long to apply previous experience and knowledge to the Amazon product manager job.

As a product professional, working as an Amazon product manager will be an instant growth spurt for you.

If you are new to product management and are looking to break into your first product role, we recommend taking our Product Manager Certification Course, where you will learn fundamentals of product management, launch your own product, and get on the fast track towards landing your first product job.

Josh Fechter

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Josh Fechter is the co-founder of Product Manager HQ, founder of Technical Writer HQ, and founder and head of product of Squibler. You can connect with him on LinkedIn here.


What is the main role of a product manager? ›

A product manager is the person who identifies the customer need and the larger business objectives that a product or feature will fulfill, articulates what success looks like for a product, and rallies a team to turn that vision into a reality.

What is a PM role at Amazon? ›

Amazon product managers usually conduct market research at every development stage. The idea is to understand and learn how your product fits the market. Furthermore, Amazon product managers also use market research to determine how the product would fit in new markets.

What does a product manager do all day? ›

Work with product leadership and company leadership to set product objectives aligned with high-level strategy. Prioritize the most strategically valuable feature ideas. Meet with sales, marketing, legal, and leadership to evaluate the viability of feature ideas.

Is product manager a high position? ›

Product managers are mid-level roles. While you don't necessarily have to have a direct product management background, you should have professional experience and demonstrable skills in communication, leadership, and strategy. Product managers are responsible for the strategy, roadmap, and features of a product.

What are the 3 major areas of product management? ›

It identifies the three primary areas of focus for product management, namely: Product discovery. Product Planning. Product Development.

What qualifications do I need to be a product manager? ›

The basic requirement to become a product manager in India is: Relevant bachelor's or master's degree in Business administration, management, computer science, engineering, marketing, economics, or a related field. 2-5 years of field experience in product development, testing, or product designing.

How much do Amazon product managers make? ›

The average Amazon Product Manager earns $148,688 annually, which includes a base salary of $114,494 with a $34,194 bonus. This total compensation is $32,729 more than the US average for a Product Manager. Product Manager salaries at Amazon can range from $57,500 - $205,000 with equity ranging from 0-100K+.

How do I become a successful product manager at Amazon? ›

If you're planning to apply for a product management role at Amazon, here's what Amazon looks for: 7+ years of experience in product life-cycle management. Be extremely good with accounting, resource management, logistics, and operations. Proven experience in collaborating with external as well as internal stakeholders.

Do product managers need to code? ›

The job of a product manager does not entail coding the product from scratch. It is about answering the simple but critical question: “How will the product solve the user's problem?” They provide the expertise required to steer the product strategy in the right direction.

How is life as a product manager? ›

Day in the Life of a Product Manager Means Time for Research, Analysis, and Strategic Planning. When you're not interacting with stakeholders, create time for the other important aspects of your day in the life as a product manager.

Do product managers have a lot of meetings? ›

Why Do Product Managers Have So Many Meetings? Meetings are in the fabric of a product manager's function within the team. When you work cross-functionally with so many different people, it's only natural that you need to actually speak with all of them from time to time.

How stressful is product management? ›

700+ product managers reveal their biggest reasons for quitting a PM job. With great responsibility, comes great stress. Due to its versatility, the role of a product manager is extremely challenging. Although this career is also very rewarding and fulfilling, it can often be frustrating for many reasons.

What is the next level after product manager? ›

The next step up from product manager is senior product manager. 'Senior' means different things to different companies, so the exact scope of the senior product manager's role can vary greatly.

Who is higher than product manager? ›

A Chief Product Officer (CPO) is the most senior product person in an organisation. They usually manage more than one team of product managers and represent product in the C-suite or management team.

Where do product managers sit? ›

Product managers sit at the fulcrum of the business's goals, the customers' needs, and the teams building the solutions that meet those needs and goals. It is a role that is both external and internal, manages up and down, and spans technical, business, and operational domains.

Can a non tech person become a product manager? ›

You don't really need to have a technical background in order to be a successful product manager.

Who Should product managers report to? ›

This is an easy one to answer: Product management should report to a product management executive.

What degree is best for product manager? ›

Typically, product managers are expected to have a Bachelor's degree. However, that degree can be in product management, business administration, computer science, management sciences, or any related field. Therefore, you don't need an exact degree program to help you get to the product manager position.

Is it hard to be a product manager? ›

Because product management blends so many skills and responsibilities, it can be a difficult role to achieve. Product managers often work in other jobs before demonstrating the ability to develop a new product and lead a team. It requires persistence, which makes landing the position worthwhile.

Are product managers well paid? ›

Product management is a well-paid job and has a high level of job satisfaction. The product manager's salary is primarily based on years of experience, job location and skills. The average annual salary for product managers can range from $61,000 to $200,000 per year.

How much does a Level 7 make at Amazon? ›

Amazon Level 7 Salary
Annual SalaryWeekly Pay
Top Earners$100,000$1,923
75th Percentile$55,000$1,057
25th Percentile$31,000$596

Is there level 9 at Amazon? ›

At Level-10 and Level-9 are all the VPs (a few hundred). Furthermore, Level-8 is for Directors (several hundred), Level-7 for Senior Managers (a few thousand), Level-6, 5 & 4 for Managers and individual contributors (few tens of thousands).

What is the highest level on Amazon? ›

At level 12 which is the highest level, there is only one person and that is “Jeff Bezos” the founder of Amazon.

What level is product manager at Google? ›

The vast majority of product managers at Google are in the PM band (levels 3, 4 and 5), because the APM program is relatively small and run in cohorts and Google prefers to maintain a flat organization, meaning less slots for senior PMs.

What does senior product manager do at Amazon? ›

Key responsibilities include: Design and management of rich product roadmap that delivers tangible results. Working with global cross-functional product, data, tech, operations, program and sales teams. Deep diving data and anecdotes to creatively solve problems and realize measurable impact for Sellers.

What is a product manager technical Amazon? ›

The power of any product starts with the plan – defining, adapting, and delivering a solution that solves a customer's challenge. As a Senior Product Manager– Technical (PMT), you'll be the end-to-end owner of one of our software, hardware, or technical services.

Does Amazon negotiate salary? ›

Like the other large tech companies, Amazon takes a total compensation approach as they negotiate with successful candidates. However, the compensation structure and strategy they use to comprise an offer has a few unique elements you should be aware of prior to negotiations with a Recruiter.

Does Amazon give yearly bonuses? ›

Sign-on bonus: Many new employees will also receive a year one and a year two sign-on bonus. The bonus is paid out with every paycheck, so in essence it's just additional salary for the first two years you are at Amazon.

How much does an L10 at Amazon make? ›

💰 $234k - average Amazon Engagement manager (L10) salary [updated 2022] | Candor.

What is the role of product manager in agile? ›

Collaborating directly with engineering teams: An Agile Product Manager plays an active role in interacting with engineering at all moments during the product lifecycle. This helps to ensure the engineering team produces the correct features.

Is product manager a technical role? ›

People assume that product managers need to have technical knowledge and skills to become technical product managers. The truth is, any tech person in product management can be a technical product manager. All you need is a technical background and enough experience in the field.

Is product manager a good role? ›

The salaries are generous, the perks are good, the work is rewarding, and the position is in high demand; if that sounds good to you then, yes, Product Manager is a good career. In 2016, the Wall Street Journal reported that Product Manager was the most coveted job title among MBA graduates.

What is the difference between project manager and product manager? ›

Product managers and project managers often work together, they have distinct roles. While a product manager sets the vision, goals, and business trajectory of a product, a project manager leads the many projects to make those goals a reality.


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