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Have you considered a career in social media marketing where you can take advantage of the prevalence and variety of platforms that can be used to appeal to a tailor-made target audience for optimizing any business’s online presence? To become a Social Media Marketing Specialist in a place like New York City, you will need to find the schools that teach you how to leverage resources like Facebook, Instagram, websites, LinkedIn, or Twitter to promote products, brands, and events. Through social media, you can connect with this vibrant, young demographic as a Social Media Specialist if you can find the right training to put you ahead of the pack.

Social media marketing means applying social media, apps, and other digital platforms to market services, products, and content to find the audience that best fits your target. With the rise of the Internet over the past few decades, digital marketing, or e-marketing, has taken advantage of digital technology to promote products and ideas. Social media marketing represents the next step in this methodology.

Take a look at the information below detailing what several schools serving New York City have to offer in helping you gain your edge with the skills needed to stand out in this crowded field.

Social Media Marketing Classes at Noble Desktop

If you’re looking to take steps to find a career in social media marketing, Noble Desktop has social media marketing classes that can be used as a powerful tool for taking advantage of this form of communication in today’s cutting-edge digital landscape.

Through these courses, students will learn how to use social media to increase any business’s online ROI (return on investment) in the competitive Internet marketplace. With a variety of social media marketing classes, students gain comprehensive knowledge from experts who teach them how to create an online presence with marketing techniques using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and TikTok.

Participants have the option of the Noble Desktop Social Media Marketing Certificate, a 30-hour program that teaches them how to use social media to market across platforms with cutting-edge content marketing strategies, video marketing, and paid advertising. This course is available for attending in-person at Noble Desktop’s New York City campus or live online—all at a cost of $1,595, including the option of an installment plan.

This certificate program emphasizes learning how to use popular content categories across various digital platforms, including images, videos, and written content. These courses focus on using social media as a marketing strategy through five individual units:

  • The 6-hour LinkedIn Marketing course focuses on developing business-based social media strategies by using LinkedIn to promote businesses by training students how to advertise through applying track analytics.
  • The Social Media Video Marketing: YouTube & TikTok course is a 6-hour program that employs a video-based approach that takes advantage of social media platforms through developing strategies to promote businesses, events, or products on YouTube and TikTok. Participants will also learn how to create and optimize paid advertising.
  • The 6-hour Social Media Content Marketing: Blogs & Twitter course emphasizes using blogs and writing-based social media platforms like Twitter as a content strategy for building brand identities or engaging a target audience.
  • The 6-hour Instagram Marketing class focuses on using Instagram to develop digital marketing strategies for building, targeting, and converting users into paying customers through paid and organic marketing techniques.
  • The Facebook Marketing course is a 6-hour program that teaches students how to create and manage Facebook ad campaigns for marketing business pages by leveraging groups or creating targeted ads by using conversion tracking, audience targeting, and Facebook Pixels to optimize returns on any advertising budgets.

Students could also choose the Digital Marketing Certificate, which teaches them how to use digital marketing tools and strategies along with all the social media platforms mentioned above. This 78-hour program is taught weekdays and weeknights either in-person on the NYC campus or virtually through Zoom at the cost of $3,295.

Courses in this certificate program emphasize increasing ROI (Return on Investment) using technology that determines KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), monitors web analytics, and tracks conversions, along with creating reports using Google Analytics along with SEO (search engine optimization).

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Through these certificate programs, graduates can get started on a new career in social media marketing to help businesses, including their own, by taking advantage of the fertile ground available with social media platforms for reaching customers and target audiences that best fit a product or event.

The goal of Noble Desktop’s social media marketing-related courses is to help students become successful Social Media Marketing Strategists by emphasizing a broad range of digital marketing strategies. According to, Social Media Marketing Strategists earn around $56,000 per year in New York City with Digital Marketers getting about $69,000, Marketing Specialists earning about $62,000, and Content Marketers around $60,000.

Social Media Marketing Certificates at Pratt Institute

Pratt Institute offers the Branding and Digital Marketing Certificate, which trains students to take advantage of today’s dynamic digital marketing possibilities.

The Pratt Institute was founded in 1887 by American industrialist Charles Pratt, who was an advocate for providing an affordable college education for working people. Pratt was among the first colleges in the United States to welcome students regardless of class, color, or gender and has been providing an education that has led graduates to go on to become architects, engineers, dressmakers, and furniture makers. Today, the school offers engineering and design programs that complement a liberal arts curriculum to provide a rich and full understanding of the world for its students.

The Branding and Digital Marketing Certificate focuses on marketing through brand-building in today’s new media landscape to design, package, and sell a product or idea by taking advantage of emerging digital platforms, including social media, through courses that emphasize content marketing strategies:

    • Digital Marketing -The Digital Marketing course is one among several required to complete this certificate program and focuses on online advertising, blogs, search engine optimization, and social media.
    • Brand Content Marketing -This unit emphasizes the branded content marketing strategy by teaching students how to use, for example, social media for growing an audience by establishing a connection between a brand and targeted customers.
    • Consumer Research and Insight Development -This course explores marketing, advertising, and communication strategies using a variety of media such as television and print as well as social media to teach students how to understand and solve strategic challenges with branding by applying a range of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies.

These courses focus on strategies that help promote a brand by positioning through new media, especially social media.

All Pratt Institute in-person classes are held at the Pratt Manhattan Center.

Social Media Marketing Classes at FIT

The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) was founded in New York City in 1944, focusing on art, business, design, mass communication, and technology related to the fashion industry. FIT encourages students and teachers to go beyond traditional boundaries for both geography and disciplines, striving to develop innovative design and strategic business solutions that will upend the status quo, create personal and professional opportunities, and have a lasting and sustainable global impact.

FIT offers the Data-Driven Design for Digital Marketing and Social Media Certificate Program, an 8-week course that teaches students how to use social media, digital media, and big data for branding, marketing, and advertising. This course is designed to train professionals in how to utilize data to develop, refine, and optimize creative work across a campaign lifecycle while delivering measurable results.

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This remote online certificate program meets evenings on Wednesdays via WebEx from 6 to 9 and costs between $1,450 and $1,610.

This certificate program will teach participants how to map business goals into measurable social and digital metrics, create audience profiles and data-driven creative works, and use data for creating audience profiles. Students will also learn how to use measurable social media and digital metrics as well as social analytics and search trends to connect with target audiences by using creative and culturally relevant methods.

FIT provides a rigorous and adaptable academic program that strives to upend the status quo.

Social Media Marketing Classes at the New School

The Parsons School of Design offers a Digital Marketing Certificate that focuses on digital marketing as a method for promoting businesses and products in today’s technology-driven global economy. This online program trains students in the skills necessary for developing digital strategies and tactical approaches across a range of platforms.

Parsons is an art school founded in 1896 by American artist William Merritt Chase. For well over a hundred years, the Parson School of Design has taken a groundbreaking approach to design education and changing communities that have transformed creativity, culture, and commerce.

The Parsons School of Design’s Digital Marketing program teaches students how to take advantage of digital technology for marketing, including a Social Media Marketing unit that focuses on elevating a company’s brand and web presence with target audiences by using mapping strategies, choosing channels, developing viral content as well as monitoring and adapting user activity in order to optimize a business’s performance.

Career opportunities in digital marketing include advertising and branding, brand management, business development, consulting, copywriting, data analysis, digital product design, entrepreneurship, journalism, product management, and strategy planning.

The Parsons School of Design champions creativity and growth through integrated disciplines and collaborative problem-solving that help students find careers in today’s competitive job market.

Social Media Marketing Classes at General Assembly

General Assembly offers the Digital Marketing Course: NYC, a program that concentrates on the most up-to-date digital tools for taking advantage of effective digital marketing strategies in order to succeed in New York’s competitive job market.

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General Assembly provides education for people seeking career transformation, specializing in in-demand technology skills. The school provides a holistic approach to programming that prepares students for cross-functionality with businesses, product managers, and web development teams by honing skills with digital technology.

This digital marketing program is a 10-week class that meets in-person during evenings on General Assembly campuses in New York City or live online through remote classrooms at a cost of $3,950 with a one-week accelerated course also available.

The Digital Marketing course provides students with training on how to take advantage of a range of channels and tactics for effective marketing campaigns, including hands-on experience with social media.

General Assembly provides the foundation for Digital Marketers to succeed in today’s highly competitive digital job market by providing training on how to leverage versatile skills that include social media marketing for promotional campaigns that win customers.

Social Media Marketing Classes at Hunter College

Hunter College offers the Combined Certification in Digital Marketing and Adobe Tools through Continuing Education at Hunter.

According to the school’s webpage, Hunter College was founded back in 1869 after the Department of Public Institution in New York City passed a resolution to provide college education for women. Today, Hunter College educates people of all genders.

This digital marketing certificate trains students in skills needed to become a Digital Marketing Specialist with an emphasis on design that supports creating and managing marketing materials, corporate communication documents, and email.

This program includes a variety of courses in Adobe software along with courses that focus on marketing, including Social Media for Business, which emphasizes using social media for business with training on the tools used to promote, strengthen, target, and service consumers. With this unit, participants acquire an understanding of how to launch and monitor a business’s social media presence through Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest.

This program requires the Adobe Creative Cloud.

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Social Media Marketing Classes at BrainStation

BrainStation offers the Social Media Marketing Course Online, which teaches students how to build winning social media strategies.

Founded in 2012, BrainStation was established in order to provide people and businesses with a cutting-edge, real-world digital education through an evolving curriculum led by digital experts and professionals. The school specializes in training individuals and companies hoping to stay one step ahead in this digital age.

The social media marketing course focuses on emerging marketing channels for promoting companies, products, and events for targeted audiences. This live online course teaches participants an understanding of marketing to customers through a vibrant social media strategy by using social media platforms to leverage an audience using organic channels to promote brands and build communities.

This program explores marketing strategies that strive to connect with people by using this method to tell audiences the message that the client wants to tell about a product or event and how that product or event will make life easier or solve problems. Social media marketing is a hyper-relevant method for thriving in today’s digital economy.

Through this course, students will learn how to structure projects in order to become experienced Social Marketing Strategists.

Corporate Training with Noble Desktop

Does your company need to improve its social media presence? Is your company looking to attract new business without having to increase the cost of doing business? Noble Desktop’s corporate social media marketing training gives your organization the option of improving your marketing strategy from within instead of having to hire an outside agency. This training can help your staff learn to work with current social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter to develop effective marketing strategies. This training can take place onsite at your location, at Noble Desktop’s Midtown Manhattan offices, or live online through Zoom. Your company can also take advantage of the option to purchase vouchers in bulk at a discount.

How To Choose a Social Media Marketing Class

With the dominating presence of the Internet, finding a place in today’s competitive digital working world has become more and more difficult. While a career in social media marketing seems like a good choice for taking advantage of the ever-growing need for web-savvy talent, the job market for a Social Media Marketing Strategist in New York City requires skills that will make you stand out. Because of this, choosing the right training path for learning techniques with social media is essential.

Social media marketing means being able to use platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter to maximize opportunities for branding in order to engage with a target audience. It’s important to choose a school that offers a social media marketing course or program that includes these necessary tools that help with digital marketing.

Social media marketing is a branch of digital marketing, which is an evolving concept where gaining knowledge in applying the next big thing could lead to success.

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