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    Behind the Work: How Chocopologies Sugar Coated the Internet

    Our very own Head of Design and Creative Director Prerna Mehra talks to LBB’s Zoe Antonov about the importance of tackling cyberbullying in the sweetest way possible. Read all about it over at Little Black Book

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    Shorlisted 3 x at the London International Awards

    Great news from London. We’ve been shortlisted at the London International Awards 3 times for our ProtectSet and Double Moon campaigns. Fingers crossed 🤞🏻🏆

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    Regional Agency of the Year

    In New York… Concrete jungle where dreams are made of… There’s nothin’ you can’t do… Now you’re in New York. MullenLowe MENA takes over the New York Festival by winning the ‘Regional Agency of the Year’ title! Congratulation to our bold clients and brilliant teams.

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    5 Minute With… Paul Banham

    Earlier this year, MullenLowe MENA was named Agency of the Year at the Campaign Tech awards, and their ideas that combine gutsy ideas with technology have proven to be irresistible. Obscure little innovations that the public never see? Nah, we’re talking bringing the twin moons of Mars to the desert skies. We’re talking turning the…

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    We’re thanking our lucky stars today

    MullenLowe MENA just won 10 medals at AdStars. 3 golds, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze For Double Moon. 1 Silver, 1 Bronze and 1 Crystal for The World’s Tallest Donation Box. 1 Bronze for ProtectSet and another for The Three Quarter Pizza Box. We are so proud of all our stars and the amazing clients…

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    My Most Immortal Ad: Paul Banham on FHM’s ‘Vote Gail’

    The Immortal Awards juror and MullenLowe MENA executive creative director on ‘the greatest stunt of the 20th century’ by BBH With just four weeks to go until this year’s Immortal Awards deadline, our jurors have been taking it in turns to select the ads and campaigns that are most immortal to them, revealing the reasons…

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    Six Awards In New York

    Our ‘ProtectSet’ campaign for Mobily eSports was awarded Gold in Technology, Silver in Social/Environment Good: Brand and Bronze in Children – Health, Happiness and Safety. Plus, we took home two Silver Awards in both the Viral and Public Relations: Best Use categories for our ‘Double Moon’ campaign for the UAE Government Media Office. Last but…

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    Winning One Show At A Time

    The Bronze Pencil was awarded for the ‘Double Moon’ campaign for UAE Government Media Office in the Experiential & Immersive: Immersive Spaces category. We also received eight Merits for ‘The World’s Tallest Donation Box’ campaign for The Mohammed BinRashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives, ‘Double Moon’ campaign for the UAE Government Media Office and the ‘ProtectSet’…

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    Nine Caples For MullenLowe MENA

    Their ‘World’s Tallest Donation Box’ campaign for theMohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives was their most awarded campaign of the evening, taking home: 1 x Gold in PR 2 x Silvers in Not For Profit and Covid 1 x Bronze in Ambient Their ‘Double Moon’ campaign for theUAE Government was awarded: 1 x Gold…

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    Tech Agency Of The Year

    MullenLowe MENA was also awarded ‘Best Use of Experimental Tech’ for their ‘ProtectSet’ campaign for Mobily eSports. “We are extremely proud to have been named “Agency of the Year” at the Campaign Tech Awards. Being the first agency in the region to receive global recognition is significant; it proves that we’re achieving our vision for…

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    The 3/4 Pizza Box

    The holy month of Ramadan is usually marked by fasting during the day and the traditional Suhoor and Iftar. During this time around 25% of all food is wasted, a problem that goes against the spirit of Ramadan. Enter the ¾ Pizza Box, launched in a collaborative effort between Red Crescent, Pizza2Go (a local pizza…

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    It’s Raining Metals

    We’re thrilled to announce that MullenLowe MENA has won no less than 14 awards for their work at this year’s Dubai Lynx International Festival of creativity. Thank you to all the teams for making sure that our World’s Tallest Donation Box, ProtectSet, City Centre Google Street Fashion show and FAB Grow Stronger all received the…

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    We’re rather chuffed to have been selected as one of the Cresta GLOBAL TOP 50 creative...

    Thank you @crestaawards for the nomination!!

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    United Activation Emirates

    The grandest. The boldest. The most futuristic. Dubai is a city that’s not afraid of going big – which makes it unsurprising that it’s home to some of the wildest and most ambitious creative activations coming out of the advertising industry. MullenLowe MENA is one of a cluster of agencies that’s been hitting it out…

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    Paul Banham Joins The Caples Awards Jury

    Paul is one of just a few genuinely strategically-minded creative directors that have worked in and won awards across practically every marketing channel. He has held senior creative positions at McCann, JWT, AIS,, and WCRS. Over the last 20 years, he has built his fully integrated credentials working in top 5 agencies across Branding,…

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    MullenLowe Raises Awareness On a Grave Issue

    With the spike in children playing online games during the pandemic, experts are warning that online predators are taking advantage of this situation to actively contact, target and coerce children online, especially on populary multiplayer games such as Fortnite and Minecraft. To raise awareness around the issue, Mobily eSports, in partnership with MullenLowe MENA, created…

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    Reshaping The Industry In MENA

    Covid-19 has had its impact on the industry like it did on every other industry. It was a sudden shock that forced everyone to have quick solutions to adapt to a new reality. Business closed their doors, revenues dropped significantly, and agencies had to coop with many challenges and uncertainties. We had two worlds before…

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    The Battle Between The Besuited And The Bejeaned

    Yes we sell sanitary protection, junk food, and thankfully, the mouthwash you need to remove the taste of it. The ideas with which we try to help the besuited (business types) shift container loads of the stuff, are, in-truth rather precious little sparks of grey-matter to us mere bejeaned (creative types). Now, we’ll happily admit…

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    The Wolf On My Back

    I am sure you all know the fairytale about the big bad wolf? Well with my story there will never ever be a happy ending. I know a wolf, currently he is living in the woods and has been for over 17 years, but I know full well he is going to come back to…

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    1916. Now

    The idea of floating around on a hoverboard as Michael J Fox did in 1982 in Back to the Future was something, we could never have imagined 38 years ago. Today now that science fiction on our screens has become a reality, we see Lexus today selling hoverboards to the general public. We sometimes have…

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    The World’s Tallest Donation Box Wins Gold

    “Gold News” “Becon of Hope Shines again” The World’s Tallest Donation Box Wins 6 Awards at CRESTA. 1 Gold, 2 Silver and 3 Bronze.

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    MullenLowe Strengthens Dubai Office

    Agency hires five new employees across creative and strategy Following Paul Banham’s recent appointment as Regional Executive Creative Director, Creative Agency, MullenLowe has welcomed five new team members to its Dubai office after a raft of new business wins. This month, Eduardo Branco and Hagall Muniz joined the agency as Creative Directors. The multiple award-winning…

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