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Why Choose Logistics and Supply Chain Management?

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Supply chain management specialists are integral to success in today’s market and this program is designed to meet the needs of managerial and operational employees who have logistics, inventory, procurement, management, or decision-making roles. This graduate program is designed for working professionals like you to help advance your career. This program is one year with a flexible, convenient education approach. You will spend four weekends in on-campus residences and do the remaining coursework online.

This program will give you a graduate education that will enhance your leadership career in the field of logistics and supply chain management. If you are curious, passionate about innovation, and like solving problems, a degree in supply chain management will prepare you to excel in wide variety of career paths and industries.


U.S. News ranked Wright State’s online Master of Information Systems and Master of Science in Logistics and Supply Chain Management programs offered by the Raj Soin College of Business 19th among the 165 schools responding to the magazine’s surveys. The programs’ score of 82 ranked higher than those of such schools as Michigan State University, the University of Georgia and the University of Cincinnati. It marked the first time the programs ranked in the Top 20.


The field of supply chain management is continuing to grow as demand for professionals who manage the flow and transport of goods and services increases. This master’s program prepares you for careers that require knowledge in how to manage global supply chains for major corporations and organizations.

Our alumni work at:

  • CareSource
  • Computer Sciences Corp.
  • Crown Equipment
  • Dayton Freight
  • DP&L
  • Honda
  • J.B. Hunt
  • LexisNexis
  • Midmark
  • Reynolds and Reynolds
  • R&L Carriers
  • Seepex, Inc.
  • Sogeti
  • Speedway
  • Tata Consultant
  • Teradata
  • Taylor Communications (Standard Register)
  • WinWholesale
  • US Worldwide Logistics, Inc
  • Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
  • Yaskawa America, Inc.

Positions our alumni have held:

  • Business analyst or consultant
  • Computer applications and systems analytics
  • Information technology management
  • IT operations analytics
  • Database management or administrator
  • Information security analyst
  • Computer user support
  • IT support
  • Logistics analyst
  • Material planning manager
  • Operations analyst
  • Procurement manager
  • Purchasing specialist
  • Inventory control administrator
  • Supply chain business analyst

Real-World Experience

Since our program is geared towards working professionals, classes are focused on experiential learning with real-world experiences, case materials, and simulations taught by faculty and industry experts. You will learn alongside other business peers and leaders as you take the concepts you learn and apply them to real-world situations. You will participate in a capstone project that teams you up with a business or community organization to solve a problem for them.

Success Stories

Wright State graduate Karen Hamby keeps Air Force planes flying

Karen Hamby may not be a pilot, but the Wright State grad is responsible for keeping a fleet of Air Force cargo planes flying.

More Success Stories

Academics and Curriculum

View Master of Science in Logistics and Supply Chain Management program information and degree requirements in the Academic Catalog.

Cohort Schedules

Dates are subject to change.

Fall 2021Cohort:Started August 2021and will complete August 2022

Fall 2022 Cohort: Accepting applications.

Fall 2022Cohort Tentative Schedule
CourseSemester HoursDatesTerm
Residency 1Aug. 19–21, 2022(Fri., Sat., Sun.)
OrientationJuly 22 or July 30, 2022
SCM 7990 - SCM Capstone Project1TBDFall 2022
SCM 7880 - Foundations of Supply Chain Management3TBDFall 2022

SCM 7890 - Global Logistics and Trade

3TBDFall 2022

SCM 7930 - Supply Chain Operations and Control



Fall 2022
Residency 2Jan. 6–8, 2022(Fri., Sat., Sun.)
SCM 7990 - SCM Capstone Project2TBDSpring 2023

SCM 7960 - Strategic Sourcing

3TBDSpring 2023

SCM 7940 - Total Quality Management and Lean Supply Processes

3TBDSpring 2023

SCM 7910 - Performance Measurement & Supply Chain Transformation

3TBDSpring 2023
Residency 3April 28-30, 2023(Fri., Sat., Sun.)
SCM 7990 - SCM Capstone Project3TBDSummer 2023

SCM 7920 - Supply Design and Integration

3TBDSummer 2023

SCM 7870 - Supply Chain Project Management & Transformation

3TBDSummer 2023

SCM 7950 - Information Technology and Supply Chain Mgmt

3TBDSummer 2023
Residency 4
Presentations/HoodingTentative: August 18, 2023


  • Thanksgiving Break: November 23–27, 2022
  • Winter Break: December 11, 2022–January 5, 2023
  • No Spring Break

Final Date for Capstones for Summer Degree: Aug. 13, 2022


We encourage you to apply early because class sizes are limited. To apply, you must have already graduated with an undergraduate degree and three or more years business experience.If you are interested, apply online to the Graduate School and submit an application for the Master of Science in Logistics and Supply Chain Management program. You must submit transcripts from your bachelor degree and your grade point average will be considered. You must also submit three professional letters of reference. The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or Graduate Record Examination (GRE) are NOT required. Contact program Director Donald Hopkins when you apply so that your application status can be tracked.


Supply Chain and Logistics Grad Ranked Top Affordable Master's Program,

Wright State University's Master of Science in Logistics and Supply Chain Management ranks among the top online graduate programs in the nation because of its excellent quality and affordability. This cohort program allows you to work with your peers at residencies and online as you advance through your studies.


Tuition for the program isdetermined by the University and the Raj Soin College of Business during the fiscal year prior to the program start date. The program provides many additional services and materials that are not normally provided for other graduate-level students, thus we do not follow the basic tuition schedule for the University. The program costschedule is as follows:

  • Ohio Residents: $29,973
  • Non-residents: $43,563

Tuition may increase in July 2021for the academic year 2021–22.

Tuition includes the following:

  • Full-time enrollment to the University.
  • All course materials, including books, cases, articles, reviews, educational software, and other course materials designated necessary by the professor.
  • Full access to all University resources, including the library system, computer labs, campus mail service, and student athletic facilities.
  • On-campus parking during the residency period.
  • Food and refreshments during regular residencies.
  • Administrative assistance concerning University requirements, including enrollment, registration, graduation petitions, grade reports, parking registration, and class schedules.
  • Communications support to help students complete group work assignments.
  • Guest speaker events, symposia, and lectures.
  • Alumni, social, and business networking events.

Corporate Assistance

Many master's students obtain the financial support of their employers, and although this is encouraged, it is not a requirement for enrollment.

Payment Schedule

Students normally remit tuition payments at the beginning of each semester. Customized payment plans can be worked out in advance for students through the Office of Financial Aid.

Financial Aid

Most of the students who enroll in the master's program enjoy the financial support of their employers. Although, we do encourage all of our applicants to seek financial support through their employers, it is not a requirement for admission or enrollment. Students may choose to make tuition payments by check, credit card or they may apply for financial aid through the University.

Financial aid is available to most of the master's students through the Federal Stafford Loan Program. Please contact the Financial Aid office at 937-775-4000 for more information.

Program Outcomes

In this program, your work is focused on problem solving, student-focused experiences, and business or organization involvement. This master’s program is a one-year program requiring 33 credit hours. Six credit hours are dedicated to the extensive capstone project designed for the program by the sponsoring business or organization. The remaining credit hours are focused on advanced topics in supply chain architectures, rapid innovation into supply chain design, efficient management of the supply base, partners alignment through trust and common values, and metrics for supply chain networks. This program will prepare you to work in supply chain management jobs and careers or to continue your education with another graduate or doctoral degree.

Request Information

Feel free to ask about scholarships, majors, deadlines, and any other questions you may have.

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