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Now that we know Football Manager 2022 will debut on November 9th, it’s time to start planning for your next save. Today we continue our series ofFM22 save ideasby looking at the top 5 ultimate Football Manager 2022 youth development saves.

Last week, we gave you a list ofteams to manage in FM22focused on pioneering clubs or clubs that should be restored to their former glory but today we focus our attention to one of the most rewarding challenges in Football Manager; the mission to develop a title contender out of players coming through the club’s Academy.

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Why a Youth Development Challenge can improve your motivation for a long-term save?

I guess we have all been in the situation where the enjoyment for your Football Manager save decreases with the number of seasons you’re in. Having a clear philosophy and plan behind your save could increase the motivation and excitement to keep playing the save. Whether you’re one who enjoys starting at the bottom of the pyramid and work your way to the top, or one who needs strict rules which you need to abid to in order for keeping the save challenging enough to enjoy it.

It’s in the aspect of the challenge, a youth development save comes in. Let’s take a closer look at why a youth development saves could be something for you, before we hand you 5 teams we recommend for a great youth development save in FM22.

Instead of spending money on signing middle age players at the heights of their career, all the club’s resources and your effort will go to getting as much out of your junior talents as possible. It means investments into the training facilities, backroom staff, and its youth coaches, are prioritized along with emphasizing your attention to details when planning training activities.

When starting a youth development save, all short-term goals of winning trophies will be set aside by focusing on the long-term prerequisites for the club to remain successful for the long-term. The overall objective of being financially sustainable is one of the main reasons the club’s abid to a youth development vision.

There are mainly three benefits by developing players coming through the Academy

  1. The overall cost of developing a player is severly lower than if you needed to sign ‘the similar’ player. Lower wage demands, agent fees and clauses will make the return of the investment larger if you one day should sell the player.
  2. Recruiting players comes with a risk no matter how much you scout the player. Will he fit into the club, your tactics and adapt to the new circumstances? Players coming through the Academy knows the club in and out. They know the club philosophy and the tactical system.
  3. The club DNA and your training philosophy also ensures that you get players that perfectly fit your tactics as you have monitored their progress from a young age and focused on parts of their play that’s essential for your club’s playing style. It means you could look within your own club if you need a new attacking midfielder to play in the Shadow Striker role instead of spending €60Mill for a player that needs time to adapt to your spezialized system.

Over the years, more and more clubs, who can not compete in today’s transfer market have surrendered to youth development in order to increase their competitiveness. It might be a financial reason for this as they have understood that their place in the hierarchy is to develop players for the bigger clubs by using their limited resources for the long-term prospect of gaining money on selling their best youth talents to other clubs around them, whether they are at a similar competition level within the same nation or to clubs abroad.

Personally, there’s nothing as satisfying as developing players in Football Manager that becomes one of the best players within the nation. The time and effort going to carefully attend players’ training on a monthly basis, and seeing the player progress from an average youngster to him getting his first international match debut a few years later, is nothing but satisfying.

If this sounds like the perfect challenge for your next Football Manager 2022 save, here are a few clubs that have specialized in youth development and which you can have fun with when developing your own wonderkids in FM22!

NAC Breda – DutchKeuken Kampioen Divisie

Competing against the “Big Three” in the Netherlands is no easy task, whether it’s developing the best talents in the Netherlands or hunting trophies, but managing in the Netherlands can definitely be a great challenge!

AFC Ajax was voted as the best youth academy in the world in 2019. Feyenoord has won the Rinus Michels award which goes to the best youth club in the Netherlands on five occasions, while PSV is renowned for its superb scouting network and ability to develop players.

In the southern part of The Netherlands, close to the border of Belgium, we find the vibrant city of Breda and its clubNAC Breda. The club was founded 109 years ago and despite its long history, the trophy cabinet is fairly abysmal with only two major trophies in the cabinet. The first and only National championship came 100(!) years ago! The second trophy?

Meanwhile, AFC Ajax lifted their second consecutive European Cup trophy, NAC Breda won their first and only KNVB Cup trophy in 1972-73, where they beat Ajax on penalties in the second round.

For the last 7 years, the club has been a first division club regular, despite a short two-season stint in the Eredivisie (2017-2019) but prior to 2015, they competed 10 consecutive seasons in the top flight.

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Now you might be thinking, since they haven’t the best competitive records, the club might be more successful developing youth. Compared to Ajax, PSV, Feyenoord, Groningen, AZ and Heerenveen, the club is a few steps behind the best. Apart from Nemanja Gudelj and Oussama Idrissi, there are few who have gone on to play in one of the top 5 leagues in Europe or play for the national team.

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In fact, clubs like Ajax, Feyenoord and Anderlecht have been quick to poach their best talents early on. In fact, this happened with both Oualid Agougil and Ilyas el Moussaoui – two potential FM22 wonderkids, as they were poached at the age of 14 and 13.

The challenge?

The truth is that this won’t be the ordinary youth development save where you can immediately develop rising stars and compete with the top clubs of the Netherlands. Instead, the young yellow army needs a total rebuild in Football Manager 2022. Your mission is to establish a football philosophy revolving around youth development. You need to upgrade the average youth training facilities, create a scouting network that enables you to increase the pool of available talents as well as setting a strict recruitment policy when signing players and staff.

Gone are the days where the club needs to release players on a free that could have become club legends. Instead, I want you to copy the vision of Anderlecht, Ajax, FC Nordsjælland or Chelsea. With the affiliate link with Man City diminished, one of your first tasks would be to link the club to a network of clubs by finding valuable parent and feeder clubs, which you can loan under-21 players from.

Training Facilities

Youth Facilities

Junior Coaching

Youth Recruitment

The mission to turn NAC Breda into a youth development club, which is mentioned in the same breath as Ajax, Anderlecht, FC Nordsjælland or Benfica will take years to complete but it will be even more rewarding when you see the Dutch National team call up a handful of your rising stars, or you lift the Dutch championship with a team based on players you’ve developed from a young age.

If we consider the location of the city the club is based in, the province ofNoord-Brabantgot a population of 2.5mill. It’s only 30min drive away from Tilburg, where Willem II is located, 40 minutes away from Rotterdam and approximately 50 minutes between Breda and Antwerpen in Belgium – meaning you should be able to acquire newgens that doesn’t make the cut for the bigger clubs close to your location.

Your solution to building a team of youth could go to poaching juniors that don’t get a professional contract. You need to act fast by monitoring the youth intake of the bigger clubs around you and try the traditional ‘Approach to Sign’ method. This will help you until the training facilities and youth facilities are at a level which improves the likeliness of getting quality newgens from the annual youth intake.

AS Trencin – Slovak Fortuna Liga

Only 20km from the Czech border, along the river Váh we find the beautiful town of Trencin. ‘Protected’ by the Castle of Trencin which dates back to the 11th Century and is surrounded by the Strázov Mountains and parts of the Western Carpathians, Trencin hosts both great architecture and artifacts of historical significance dating back to the Roman Empire 2000 years ago.

In one of the oldest cities in Slovakia, in close proximity to Bratislava, Brno and Zilina we find one of the youngest football clubs in Europe; AS Trencin. Despite the club was founded in its current name only 29 years ago, the club has been renamed several times and continues traditions, belonging and passion dating back to 1904 when the original football club of the city, Trenčín Torna Egyesület was established.

FM22 Save Ideas | 5 Ultimate Football Manager 2022 Youth Development saves • Passion4FM (2)

AS Trencin is one of the youngest football teams in Europe at the moment. With a squad average age of 22.5, only beaten by MSK Zilina in Slovakia, we’re starting to see the fruits from the clubs €1,4Mill investment in the training grounds and youth facilities in 2017 – something that gave birth to the «This is my Dream Academy».

Read More|The story of MŠK Žilina: A club back from the COVID-19 brinkby FirstTimeFinish

Despite a new name to the Trencin Youth Academy, the club is no stranger to developing players. Considered to be one of the most successful Slovakian youth academies, the club’s scouting program, unique recruitment philosophy, and contact network made available by Dutch owner Tschen La Ling, have seen the club becoming a Slovakian youth development powerhouse.

This is the significance of this club. This is a way to gain money. Players must know that they have the opportunity to move forward and Trenčín does not have to be the final destination for them.”

Róbert Rybníček, General Manager – AS Trencin

Their affiliation with AFC Ajax and Inter Bratislava along with prioritizing their scouting network to identify talents in Africa, Netherlands and South America has made them into a stepping stone club for a number of foreign under-21 players, who now plays in one of the top 10 European leagues. Since 2015, they have sold players for nearly €15Mill whilst most signings are made from free transfers or a small development fee. Wesley, Moses Simon, Leon Bailey, Ibrahim Rabiu, Matus Bero, Hilary Gong and the latest Osman Bukari are just a few African or Brazilian players who have been sold to bigger clubs … in mainly Belgium or Holland).

These transfers have been made possible because of the cooperations La Ling has established throughout the world with his football academies in Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Brazil and Argentina.

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The Trencin Youth Academy does not only develops cheap foreign talents of African or South American descent. For years, they have filled the National squad and the home leagues with players coming through the Trencin conveyer belt. One of these players isStanislav Lobotka, a local Trencin kid, who used a loan move to Ajax and a transfer to FC Nordsjælland to gain reputation and experience to get noticed by bigger clubs. The rest is what you’ll call a success story as Celta Vigo bought him for €5Mill in the summer of 2017 and sold him to Napoli for €20Mill last season.

Another player who has gone on to represent the Slovakian National team is former Liverpool defender Martin Skrtel.

Training Facilities

Youth Facilities

Junior Coaching

Youth Recruitment

Trencin’s youth facilities and network enable you to simply build upon the club’s foundation to produce the next Marek Hamsik and fill the European leagues with Slovakian internationals. At least, that should be your mission when starting an FM22 Trencin save.

FC Nordsjælland – Danish Superliga

A club that has had success with a similar transfer policy and youth development vision is the Danish Superliga clubFC Nordsjælland. Their reputation as a club that takes care of their talents, and their network, has been the reason why the club has attracted a number of great talents. It was the case with FM22 wonderkidAndreas Schjelderupwho have taken the Danish league by storm. The Norwegian midfielder has been on the books for some of the biggest clubs in Europe. He trialed out for Ajax in 2015 and visited Bayern München, Juventus and Tottenham before making the surprising move to use the renowned FC Nordsjælland Academy to use them as a stepping stone club for his career.

FM22 Save Ideas | 5 Ultimate Football Manager 2022 Youth Development saves • Passion4FM (3)

Read more|FC Nordsjælland – the Danish club doing it differently with youngest team in Europe

The Danish club was bought by Right to Dream in 2016. With the former Man Utd scout, Tom Vernon as chairmen of FC Nordsjælland and the man behind the Right to Dream project in Ghana, the partnership between Denmark and Ghana has become one of football’s success stories. Not only in terms of the vast number of Ghanian international players they have developed, but the focus ondeveloping individual characters as role modelsinstead of only focusing on necessary on-pitch skills.

FC Nordsjælland is currently topping the chart as the youngest football club in Europe with an average age of 20.7. The first team squad is made up of nearly 40% African under-21 talents – mainly from Ghana and Ivory Coast, in addition to a few talents from Scandinavian neighbors.

In the last three seasons, the club has sold players for nearly €40Mill. The sale of Kamaldeen Sulemana to Rennes (€15Mill), Mohammed Kudus to Ajax (€9Mill) and Andreas Skov Olsen to Bologna (€6Mill) have made them into one of the leading youth development clubs in Europe. By taking advantage of their scouting network and keeping firm to their transfer policy of signing under-18 players, the club has become a pioneering club in investing in young football talents.

When FCN was founded in 2003, the club’s first mission was to reinforce the status of the club within the region. 66 local clubs from the surrounding area joined together into a cooperative network called Fodbold Samarbejde Nordsjælland (FSN).

Its founding mission is to highlight local talents from the region and bring them through to National and international attention via FC Nordsjælland. Now it’s only 24 Danish affiliated clubs left, according to, but all are based in the north-east of Zealand with Farum BK, the mother club of FCN, the club that hosts weekly training sessions for significant talents in the region.

Mathias Jensen, Emiliano Marcondes and Emre Mor are just a few Danish players who have laid the path for other Danish talents to make the step from the FCN Academy.

Training Facilities

Youth Facilities

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Junior Coaching

Youth Recruitment

The future is definitely looking bright!

Your mission in FM22 would be to continue building upon the existing foundation to turn FC Nordsjælland into a youth development powerhouse that surpasses the fame of La Masia by seeing the complete Danish National team filled with former FCN Academy players.

You will have a strong coaching staff at your disposal. With the ability to work with former Chelsea midfielder Michael Essien together with excellent training facilities, it’s time to develop the next Ballon D’Or winner coming from FC Nordsjælland in FM22.

Envigado – Colombian Liga BetPlay DIMAYOR

If developing the next Ballon D’Or winner in Denmark might sound too difficult, why not look to South America and the nation of Colombia?! While there has been lots of instability and unrest in the nation throughout the last 40 years,EnvigadoFútbol Clubis an established producer of some of the best Colombian football players. Despite the club’s squad value ranks among the bottom 20 in the Colombian premier division,Cantera de Héroestops the chart with the youngest average squad (23.4).

Since being founded in 1989, the club has done a remarkable job by producing world-class Colombian players, and some would say it’s among the top 10 youth academies in South America.

Players like James Rodriguez, Fredy Guarin, Jhon Cordoba and Juan Fernando Quintero have come through their youth academy and later on made a huge impact in European football. They have frequently produced Colombian national team players. The latest wonderkid coming through their ranks is Jhon Durán (17), who was signed by Chicago Fire in January 2021 with the move being finalized at the start of 2022.

In conjunction with Deportivo de Cali, the Orange Team (El Equipo Naranja), as Envigado are nicknamed, got superb youth facilities and exceptional youth recruitment. The only upgrade needed, is their training facilities which will turn them into one of the leading youth Academy clubs in worldwide.

Your challenge?

Managing Envigado in Football Manager 2022 in a youth development save might be one of the easier challenges to do, but what’s important to clarify is that despite their great records producing players and settling in the top division since 1992, Envigado has for some reason never managed to win a trophy. Your objective with an Envigado save will be two-fold;

  1. Continue to develop Colombian internationals with the ultimate goal to produce the best footballer the world has ever seen. Could you replicate the feats by producing the next Lionel Messi, or a similar player as Cristiano Ronaldo? Could you turn Colombia into one of the leading Nations in the world by winning the World Cup at a regular basis?
  2. Turn Envigado into the best club in the nation by first and foremost lifting the Colombian championship trophy for the first time in the club’s 32 year long history, and then look to the Copa Libertadores and the Copa Sudamericana.

Parma Calcio 1913 – Italian Serie B

When Parma lifted the UEFA Cup trophy in 1998-99 it was the icing on the cake for a heroic team that had gone on to win three major trophies and people’s hearts since 1992 when they won the Coppa Italia. In the following ten years, the trophy cabinet was filled by 2UEFA Cuptrophies (1994-95 and 1998-99), 3xCoppa Italia(1991-92, 1998-99, 2001-02), a European Cup Winner’s Cup trophy in 1992-93, as well as a runner up in the tournament the year after and a European Super Cup trophy in 1993.

FM22 Save Ideas | 5 Ultimate Football Manager 2022 Youth Development saves • Passion4FM (5)

With eight trophies in 10 years, The Crusaders (I Crociati) achieved their best Serie A record ever by finishing on the runner-up in 1996-97.
By using a 3-4-1-2 formation featuring a striker duo in Hernán Crespo and Enrico Chiesa, Parma in the ’90s could be compared to today’s Liverpool or Bayern Munich by having one of the best line-ups in Europe. The Parma squad featured mostly ‘high-profile’ signings that cost a lot according to the transfer market prices those days.

Fabio Cannavaro, Dino Baggio, Lilian Thuram, Hernán Crespo, Faustino Asprilla, Juan Sebastián Verón, Diego Fuser and Márcio Amoroso was signed. In total, the club spend over €200Mill in the 5 years after winning their second UEFA Cup.

From the Parma Academy, the only player I can recall getting first-team football in that period was Gianluigi Buffon.

Training Facilities

Youth Facilities

Junior Coaching

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Youth Recruitment

The golden period would soon end. By 2003, the club owner was charged with financial fraud, known as theParmalat scandal. By 2007, the club went bankrupt and had to start all over in Serie D. Now, Parma is back in Serie B after three seasons in Serie A – climbing from the fourth level to first in five seasons. Finding themselves on the same level as the year before their golden era started, it’s the perfect opportunity to take on Parma in Football Manager 2022 and restore the glory by focusing on youth development and youth signings instead of splashing the cash on high-profile signings.

With a transfer policy of signing under-21 talents you could copy some of the visions used in their golden era;
signing talents from Italy, Argentine and France.

You could set up a scouting network that looks to identify cheap wonderkids and young talents who have yet to breakthrough for the first team. Perhaps they have stagnated on reserves or Under-21 level, or perhaps they got unfulfilled potential and can get a second chance at Parma.

Regardless of how you set up your scouting network, the objective with a Parma youth development save in Football Manager 2022 must be to win the Serie A for the first time in the club’s history, as well as adding a Champions League trophy to the cabinet. Competing against Juventus, Inter Milan and A.C. Milan might be a tough challenge, but I’m sure the club facilities can help produce some great newgens coming through the ranks in the coming 10 years.

Set up a 3-4-1-2 formation and hunt for the next Hernan Crespo in Football Manager 2022 to restore the glory of Parma using youth only!

Charlton Athletic FC –Sky Bet League One

For some of us, it’s become a tradition to manage in the English football leagues at one point within the FM cycle. For Football Manager, our attention moves to Charlton Athletic. Charlton’s only trophy is winning the FA Cup 1946-47.

The club based in South London hasn’t been in the Premier League since 2007. Their greatest era came under Alan Curbishley who led the club to their first Premier League spell – a journey that ended in 2007. Curbishley’s managerial period went over two spells and he eventually ended his Charlton career with 729 games managed for the Addicks.

FM22 Save Ideas | 5 Ultimate Football Manager 2022 Youth Development saves • Passion4FM (6)

Since being relegated from the Premier Division, the club has moved down the tiers and now finds itself at level 3 in the English pyramid. But the future is looking more promising than ever before. With Danish businessman Thomas Sandgaard completing a takeover in September 2020, the financial issues revolving around not owning their own stadium, the Valley, have affected the club since the 90s.

Regardless, the club has done aremarkable job developing its own talents. Both Joe Gomez, Ezri Konza, Jonjo Shelvey, Ademola Lookman and Jermain Defoe are players that have come through the Charlton Academy. In addition, they have produced a great number of players at Championship or League One level with their average to good training and youth facilities.

Now it’s your task to turn Charlton into a youth Academy club to be reckoned with, whilst moving the club up the ladder.

Training Facilities

Youth Facilities

Junior Coaching

Youth recruitment

Taking the club to their first appearance in the Champions League or Europa League would be an as magnificent achievement as developing the best striker ever in England. That means, turning a future Charlton Academy player into England’s top all-time leading goalscorer by surpassing Wayne Rooney’s 53 goals.

The vision for the youth Academy could be to put attention on developing forwards with some specific traits or midfielders in a specific mold. You might prioritize certain attributes that require you to sign specific coaches who specialize in an area. Here you can look to Mikaelinho’s take on youth development where he tried to develop the next Neymar.

Honorable Mentions

  • Schalke 04 – German 2. Bundesliga
  • Hajduk Split – Croatian Prva Liga
  • AS Monaco – French Ligue 1
  • Racing Santander – Spanish Primera División RFEF
  • Le Havre AC – French Ligue 2
  • Club Atlético Belgrano – Argentine Primera Nacional B
  • Malaga – Spanish La Liga 2
  • Litex Lovech – Bulgarian Vtora Liga

Stay tuned for more Football Manager 2022 content coming soon, as we build-up to the FM22 release. If you got feedback or some specific tips you’d like to share, or simply want to discuss FM 2022 with like-minded join our official Discord server or tweet us a message via Twitter

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If you’re looking to switch things up in FM22, let us present to you an imaginative list of new save ideas that will challenge every aspect of your FM skills.

This challenge will take managers around the globe, managing lesser-known teams in new and unique leagues, and is a great way to learn about the football being played in countries we’d never normally think to visit on our FM22 saves.. Managers must remain at the same club and can only move clubs if sacked, in which case they go back to the starting level of begin the challenge again.. The challenge is to then successfully manage clubs in different countries as you eventually move back home, taking in the quirks and novelties of all the countries’ leagues along the route.. Eight domestic titles in four different major European leagues, two Champions League trophies with Porto and Inter Milan, UEFA Cup and League titles with Porto and Manchester Utd, and multiple domestic cup wins; his record is unquestionable.. This was perhaps most notable in his Chelsea team that conceded a mere 15 goals in the 04/05 Premier League season with 25 clean sheets, and also his treble-winning Inter Milan team that famously kept Pep’s all-conquering Barca side at bay in the 09/10 Champions League final.. He was an Austrian who won domestic league and cup titles in four different European countries and spent much of his managerial career in the Dutch league, eventually becoming the head of the national team.. Win the league title and Champions League.. Win 2 league titles, a domestic cup and the Champions League.. Take over at a 3 or 3.5-star reputation league in another country (preferably your manager’s home country) Win 2 league titles and a domestic cup

Some FM22 save ideas for a challenge, AKA the best teams to manage in Football Manager 2022.

Transfer Budget: £200m Wage Budget: £2,076,313 p/w. Transfer Budget: £1m Wage Budget: £627,547 p/w. Transfer Budget: £169k Wage Budget: £310,339 p/w. Transfer Budget: £0 Wage Budget: £8,065 p/w. Transfer Budget: £4.5m Wage Budget: £459,240 p/w

From managing Wrexham AFC to Forest Green Rovers, these are the best save ideas.

Before you even get the chance to sign wonderkids and finesse your tactics and managerial vision, you have to choose which Football Manager 2022 club you want to manage.. There are plenty of reasons to start a save.. Bray Wanderers are a semi-professional team that's seen its fair share of action in the top division of Irish football.. Nacional da Madeira are a team in the Portuguese Second Division and are expected to do really well in the league, with the media predicting them to come in fourth place.. They've only just been relegated so the club will hope to return to their former glory.. Schalke finished second place in the Bundesliga in 2018.. You'll have both McElhenney and Reynolds in your inbox the whole time as you get your squad up the league system and bring glory to the North Wales town of Wrexham.

As Football Manager 2022 draws closer, we take a look at 20 clubs that we feel could use some tender loving care.

Busan IPark – South Korea – K League 2 (2nd Tier) One of the original five members of the K League, Busan continuously competed in the top division until financial struggles relegated them in 2015 where it seems to be a permanent home for the once grand South Korean club.. Last Season Finish: 12/12 K League (Relegation to K League 2). Orlando Pirates FC – South Africa – South African Premier Division (DStv Premiership) [1st Tier] One of the bigger clubs in South Africa alongside Kaizer Chiefs and SuperSport United, the Pirates find themselves on a long league drought with their last title coming in the 2011/2012 season.. FC Edmonton – Canada – Canadian Premier League (CPL) [1ST Tier] Why is there a club on this list from a league which is only in its third ever season?. Despite joining the CPL with high hopes and plenty of experience, Edmonton have performed poorly failing to reach the playoffs in every season where you need to only get top 4 out of an 8-team league and they don’t look like reaching it for the current 2021 season.. They are technically one of the biggest clubs in the MLS with only LA Galaxy having more MLS Cup titles with whom they also share the honor of being one of the only two MLS sides to win the CONCACAF Champions League back in 1998.. But no success in the past several seasons and early exits in the playoffs have seen DC United now become a club near the bottom of the league.. Toluca have won the Mexican league 10 times, only behind America and Guadalajara – but their last title was 2010, they only have two Copa MX and while 2 CONCACAF Champions Leagues seems impressive – it shows they are behind their Mexican counterparts when 5 other Mexican teams have more, and 7 more Mexican teams have either won it once or twice.. Club Atletico Independiente – Argentina – Primera Division [1st Tier] One of Argentina’s big five clubs… currently on a domestic league drought since 2002, a domestic cup since before World War 2 and while they did win the Copa Sudamericana in 2017 (Europa League equivalent) they are the most successful side on the CONMEBOL Continent by winning the Copa Libertadores (Champions League equivalent) seven times but the last coming in 1984.. From champions of Brazil just a few seasons ago to now finding themselves in the second tier of Brazil after being relegated back in 2019 for the first time in their history, Cruzeiro are one of Brazil’s most prominent clubs with success across the board including on the continent.. Down in League One there are a multitude of clubs that could use a rebuild, in fact all across England's tiers are their clubs.. It looks like hard days are over after gaining promotion to the third tier a few seasons ago but the issue is they now seem stagnant in Germany’s third tier after failing to stay in the 2.. True, FCSB is Romania’s most successful club, but that has not been the case in recent seasons with their last league title coming in 2014/2015.. Adding to their Champions League title may be a step too far, but with the new UEFA Conference League and the revamped Europa League, the opportunity is there for this club to become a team to avoid when in Europe.

FM22: THE MINERS — BUILD A NATION SAVE After spending a morning on Transfermarkt delving through a range of European leagues, searching for clubs which could have potential for a new FM save, I stumbled across Polish side Górnik Zabrze. Górnik Zabrze have the second youngest squads in the PKO Eks...

Members+ Managing: Athletic Club. Members+ Managing: Athletic Club. Members+ Managing: Athletic Club. Members+ Managing: Athletic Club. Members+ Managing: Athletic Club. Members+ Managing: Athletic Club. Members+ Managing: Athletic Club. Members+ Managing: Athletic Club

FM22 Save Ideas - Germany FM22 Discussion posted on General FM Discussion for Football Manager 2022

A counterculture city, a port city, a city renowned for its night time economy, a city of vice, of music, of the beatles, of punk, of rave and a city with two popular football clubs with very different histories.. Hamburger are one of Germany's oldest clubs and a successful one to; 6 German Championships, 3 German Cups, European Cup Winners Cup and the greatest title of all, the 1983 European Cup.. Founded in 1910 the club became more widely known during the 1980s when St Pauli became a “cult club”.. The club is the product of a merger between BFC Viktoria 1889 and Lichterfelder FC, two historic clubs from the region that had fallen on harder times and were competing in the regional leagues.. But the origins of Viktoria date back to 1889 and at the start of the previous century they were one of Germany's leading clubs; they won the German championship in 1908 and 1911, but their decline began with the formation of the Bundesliga in 1963.. At the time football in Berlin was not as strong as in other regions of Germany but the authorities felt it important that a club from the partition city be represented in the newly formed league.. Berlin clubs have won relatively few honours in German football and this is your opportunity to take a club from the lowest playable level in Football Manager and take them all the way to the Bundesliga.

When you're getting tired of Football Manager, it's always important to remember that there are new challenges waiting for you. Here are seven different teams from around the world all with unique issues for you to solve. Can you re-write history, bring them stability or celebrate glory?

Football Manager 2022 represents that, with the game offering a seemingly endless number of teams to play with from nearly ever corner of the world.. Each club, at every level, has their own unique challenges, so we’ve gone through and picked seven different teams from seven different countries that all offer a different challenge.. First to Ireland, where we plunge to the Irish First Division which is confusingly the second tier.. If you can compete with the Irish sports of hurling and Gaelic football you can win the support of an entire sports-mad city to power you back to the pinnacle of Irish football.. Get rid of everyone not from Canada, because in this save you’ll be trying to build an MLS dynasty purely with Canadian players.. They’ve only got nine Canadians at the start of the game, so you’ll have to do some serious business to get ready for the start of the first season but thanks to Toronto’s superb youth facilities, you should have some exciting homegrown talent come through.. You’ll need to walk the line between being competitive and knowing when to sell your best players.. They’ll try to pinch all your star players and use their endless wealth to win multiple Champions Leagues.. All that while dealing with the chaos that is Brazilian football.

FM22 Save Ideas - Heartbreaking Defeats FM22 Discussion posted on General FM Discussion for Football Manager 2022

For Spain's smaller clubs opportunities to win silverware are rare and when they come along they must be seized.. Unfortunately for Alaves they did once come even closer to winning a major trophy without success.. With penalties looming it was heartbreak for Alaves once more as they scored an own goal just minutes from the end of the match to lose 5-4.. Opportunities to win a major trophy don't come along too often for Alaves but with you at their helm maybe they could become a force in Spanish football and go on to secure European honours as well.. Whilst the club have experienced the joys of winning England's second tier as well as being one of the three winners of the 2002 Intertoto Cup a major trophy has so far eluded The Cottagers but in 1975 the club had the chance to win the FA Cup.. Fulham seemingly did the hard work in the semi-finals they took midlands giant Birmingham City to a replay before defeating everybody's them 1-0 with a goal in the last minute of extra time.. In the final Fulham faced an Atletico Madrid side featuring De Gea, Aguero and Forlan.. If you're a fan of lower league management, well we still have one more suggestion left and this time we could go down to the lowest playable division in the nation in FM 22.. If you're looking for a lower league challenge at a club that has come close to winning a major domestic honour without success MSV Duisburg might fit the bill.. The Zebras have come close to winning a major trophy several times but as yet their only triumphs have come in regional cups in the German Lower Leagues.. Duisburg have reached the final of the German Cup no fewer than four times losing in the final on each occasion.. Finally in 1998 Duisburg seemingly had their first major trophy within their grasp, they stunned Bayern Munich by taking the lead in the 20th minute only for Markes Babbel to equalise after 70 minutes, before Mario Basler broke Duisburg hearts two minutes from time.. But could you take over a club that now finds themself in Germany's third tier and win them promotions back to the Bundesliga before finally putting a major piece of silverware in the trophy cabinet.

30 teams you should start a save with in Football Manager 2022.

It's up to you to bring that money in with your results.. With no money to sign new talent, you'll have to find a way to maximise your squad with free transfers and affordable loans, while your tactics need to be spot on.. There's a lot of competition in MLS, but with some of the biggest pulling power in the division, you might be able to build something special.. With one of the division's smallest wage budgets, Atalanta are all about smart transfers and maximising player potential - two things you'll have to keep up if you want to be successful there.. There's a lot about them, but they're clearly still lacking a bit when it comes to a genuine title challenge.. As a comparatively big side, you shouldn't struggle to sign the players you really want, but the problem is actually finding them in the first place.. Aberdeen were the last side to manage that... all the way back in 1985.. Maradona couldn't lead them to glory.. Regardless of whether you look to sell your stars or keep them around, you need to try and lead Salzburg to the late stages of the Champions League and prove that a side outside a top league can hang with the best.. They're favourites for relegation to the third tier so your job is not only to survive, but to lead them to the top flight.. If you can get to the first division, you'll be up against clubs with some enormous budgets.

It's that time of the year again. A new Football Manager launches and you can't wait to dive into it. There are so many possibilities, so many objectives to chase, so many paths to walk; but who do you play with?

Considering the Why (because it’s great fun) and the When (as soon as we get the game) are clear to us all, the FM Save Idea Generator works by allowing you to mix and change those remaining three elements until you get the perfect save for your latest story.. You’ll have to adjust to new players, new league rules, and a new framework of possibilities.. You’ll have to fight the big fish who inevitably come to take your best performers but challenge expectations long enough and you’ll become part of the elite.. Every different league and country adds different challenges to your save.. You’ll get to manage the biggest clubs, fight for the juiciest prizes, and compete against the best teams in the world.. Youth Development Regardless of whether you grow your own prospects or scout and find the best talent from across the globe, this is the kind of save that will get you staring at development charts and training routines for a long time, inching ever closer to your goals.. You’ll have to build a great side, understand your player’s strengths and figure out how to best use them.

If you’re anything like us, the temperatures dropping and the nights drawing in can only mean one thing and that’s sinking the hours into a long-term Football Manager career. There’s something unmistakably rewarding about rising through the divisions, even if it takes a few seasons, before reaching the big time and breaking new ground with your club. 

There’s something unmistakably rewarding about rising through the divisions, even if it takes a few seasons, before reaching the big time and breaking new ground with your club.. Unsurprisingly, it’s been a long road back for the Bedfordshire club but they are now in the Sky Bet Championship for the third successive season.. Fred Onyedinma is an old-school winger, full of pace, trickery and crossing ability, while Carlos Mendes Gomes’ prolific form in front of goal last season was a key reason for Morecambe’s promotion into Sky Bet League One.. Bundesliga last season saw them finish as champions and book a return to the Bundesliga for the first time in over a decade.. Last season they won the Vanarama National League title and secured promotion to the EFL for the first time in their 123-year history.. Looking at the squad that earned promotion and the astute business they did over the summer, many in the know, including the team over at the Not The Top 20 Podcast , were tipping Sutton to not just avoid relegation but push towards mid-table during their first year in Sky Bet League Two.. With only a maximum of three times able to gain promotion, competition is fierce but after a third of the season in real-life, it’s Hamburg’s city rivals St. Pauli who sit second on goal difference.. Kelty Hearts While for several the teams featured here success has been a long time coming, Scotland’s Kelty Hearts have undergone a dramatic evolution in recent years.. Despite being newcomers to this level, you’ll enter your first season with Kelty as title favourites and with good reason.. Radomiak Radom Legia Warsaw have been the dominant force in Polish football in recent years, winning five of the last six league titles, but just three wins from their opening 11 games have opened the door for a changing of the guard.. Further down the table, Radomiak Radom’s ambitions are a little more moderate this season – they’re back in the Ekstraklasa for the first time in 36 years.. Your challenge with The Greens will be to beat the feats of Raków Czechostowa – after ending a 21-year Ekstraklasa exile of their own in 2019, they’ve since finished second in the league and won the Polish Cup for the first time in their history.

Nine teams you MUST start a Football Manager 2022 save with

One of the biggest clubs in Germany find themselves in financial ruin and playing in the second tier of German football for the first time since 1991.. I think everyone’s a little sick of the financial and all-round dominance of PSG in the French leagues in recent times, so let’s make it so there’s a new dominant club in Paris.. The penultimate team in our list of sides to try takes us to the first tier of Scottish football, to a side that once ruled the highlands – Aberdeen.. For 36 years now one of the two Glaswegian clubs have won the Scottish league title, so it’s time to put that to an end, and who better to do so than the side to do it last?. Since their relegation from the first division of Spanish football in 2018, Las Palmas have struggled in the league massively – finishing around mid-table each year.

We were teased on several occasions but now, finally, the Football Manager 2021 Beta is out and we could not be more excited. This year's incarnation of the gre

Time for someone to sort out Sunderland / Gary M. Prior/Getty Images. Time to make Stoke City Prem again / Jamie McDonald/Getty Images. Give these people what they want - a return to the big time / Tullio Puglia/Getty Images. You won't want to disappoint this man / Jamie McDonald/Getty Images. Not a bad kit as well / DeFodi Images/Getty Images

Barcelona are a difficult team to manage in Football Manager 2022 due to their unique set of problems. But here are five players to improve your team that you'll be able to afford.

So here are five potential signings you could make as Barcelona manager in FM22.. By far the most expensive player on this list is Frank Kessie, who we recommend you try signing in the first summer.. If you’re able to move on some deadwood you should be able to bring him in with the money you save on their wages and earn from their transfer fees.. He will likely cost you around £20million upfront with some more in instalments, and while that is a lot of money for a player in the last year of his contract, we think there are a few good reasons why it’s worth it.. Firstly, you’ll be getting one of the game’s best midfielders before other teams can get him on a free next summer.. Finally, he doesn’t want a lot in wages, around £54,000 to £70,000 a week, which means you can still reduce the wage budget if you are able to move deadwood on.. Uruguayan left-back Saracchi is available on a free transfer right at the start of the game following the new winter update and he’s a no-brainer pick-up when playing as Barcelona.. But the real reason to sign him is the fact he wants very little in wages, around £20,000 a week.. And for good reason; at 24-years-old he has 18 tackling, 16 heading, 20 bravery, and a whole host of other impressive and well-rounded stats.. Casas steps in as a cheap, young, and Spanish option to provide depth for your team.. Costa is a free transfer at the start of the game and should only require about £20,000 a week in wages.

Get your first season started right with our best FM 22 wonderkids list

(Image credit: Sports Interactive)Football Manager 2022 wonderkids must be your first port of call this year.. The process of signing FM 2022 wonderkids can all get a bit overwhelming – so we’ve put together a list of the best young players we’ve found so far this year.. This is by no means exhaustive (and is dependent on which leagues and nations you have loaded) but we hope it’s the North Star you can use to guide your team to success this year.. (Image credit: Sports Interactive)There’s arguably never been a better, deeper class of defensive wonderkids on Football Manager.. Josko Gvardiol, 19, RB Leipzig, Croatian, £20.5k/week, £60m Tanguy Nianzou, 19, Bayern Munich, French, £66k/week, £20m Goncalo Inacio, 19, Sporting, Portuguese, £9k/week, £19m Devyne Rensch, 18, Ajax, Dutch, £16.25k/week, £18.25m Marton Dardai, 19, Hertha Berlin, German, £6.25k/week, £18m Stelios Andreou, 18, Charleroi, Cypriot, £6.25k/week, £13m Eduardo Quaresma, 19, Sporting, Portuguese, £4.3k/week, £1.5m Andrea Papetti, 19, Brescia, Italian, £7.5k/week, £1m Leonidas Stergiou, 19, St. Gallen, Swiss, £4.9k/week, £8m Santi Ramos Mingo, 19, Barcelona, Argentinian, £2.1k/week, £6m. (Image credit: Sports Interactive)Curiously, most of the full back talent this year appears to emanate from Europe.. Miguel Gutierrez, 19, Real Madrid, Spanish, £9.5k/week, £19.5m Nuno Mendes, 19, Portuguese, Sporting, £8.75k/week, £33m CJ Egan-Riley, 18, Manchester City, English, £3k/week, £1m Alejandro Balde, 19, Barcelona, Spanish, £3.4k/week, £26m Calegari, 19, FLU, Brazilian, £8.75k, £18m Tino Livramento, 18, Southampton, English, £10k/week, £46m Luca Netz, 18, Borussia Monchengladbach, German, £33k/week, £16m Julian Aude, 18, Lanus, Argentinian, £2.2k/week, £4.5m Calvin Ramsay, 17, Aberdeen, Scottish, £800/week, £4m Rodrigo Pinheiro, 18, Porto, Portuguese, £1.7k/week, £1m. (Image credit: Sports Interactive)Defensive midfielders have to be able to play a bit now – and FM 22 reflects that modern reinvention of the position.. (Image credit: Sports Interactive)Fair warning, these midfielders won’t come cheap.. Have any of these at your disposal, though, and you’ll likely see yourself picking up silverware in no time.. Carney Chukwuemeka, 17, Aston Villa, English, £2k/week, £9m Reinier, 19, Real Madrid, Brazilian, £6k/week, £41m Faustino Anjorin, 19, Chelsea, English, £7k/week, £7.5m Pedri, 18, Barcelona, Spanish, £33k/week, £70m Florian Wirtz, 18, Bayer Leverkusen, German, £41k/week, £60m Mario Stroeyekens, 16, Anderlecht, Belgian, £2.1k/week, £12m Cher Ndour, 16, SLB, Italian, £90/week, £20m Mateusz Bogusz, 19, Leeds, Polish, £10k/week, £10m Pablo Torre, 18, Real Santander, Spanish, £5.25k/week, £500k Chuki, 17, Valladolid, Spanish, £850/week, £1.9m. (Image credit: Sports Interactive)Tricky teenage wingers have been a mainstay of the wonderkid scene for decades – and FM 22 is no exception.. Ansu Fati and Jamal Musiala are standouts (and will cost a pretty penny), but there’s plenty of depth to be found here from the first season onwards.. Ansu Fati, 18, Barcelona, Spanish, £66k/week, £50m Jeremy Doku, 19, Rennes, Belgian, £12.75k/week, £40m Ander Barrenetxea, 19, Real San Sebastian, Spanish £23.5k/week, £51m Jamal Musiala, 18, Bayern Munich, German, £82k/week, £50m Harvey Elliott, 18, Liverpool, English, £20k/week, £30m Noni Madueke, 19, PSV, English, £12.25k/week, £30m Rayan Cherki, 17, OL, French, £16.5k/week, £15m Amad Diallo, 19, Manchester United, Ivorian, £25k/week, £30m Yeremy Pino, 18, Villarreal, Spanish, £18.25k/week, £30m Filip Stevanovic, 18, Manchester City, Serbian, £3k/week, £35m. Jon Karrikaburu, 18, Real San Sebastian, Spanish, £4.1k/week, £8m Sebastiano Esposito, 19, Inter, Italian, £9.75k/week, £10m Dane Scarlett, 17, Tottenham, English, £3k/week, £50m Fabio Silva, 18, Wolves, Portuguese, £35k/week, £45m Karim Adeyemi, 19, RB Salzburg, German, £7k/week, £12m Brian Brobbey, 19, RB Leipzig, Dutch, £49k/week, £7m Mason Greenwood, 19, Manchester United, English, £75k/week, £60m Youssoufa Moukoko, 16, Borussia Dortmund, German, £55/week, £45m Benjamin Sesko, 18, RB Salzburg, Slovenian, £4.3k/week, £10m Kaio Jorge, 19, Zebre (Juventus), Brazilian, £30k/week, £5m

Fm22 Best Teams To Manage Football Manager 2022 Save Ideas

03/12/2021 Weve tried to round up the best list of Football Manager 2022 challenge save ideas that we could find across the entire internet.. 25/09/2021 Now is the time to decide who you are going to manage in Football Manager 2022.. 26/09/2021 Clubs in Germany to Manage for FM22 Union Berlin: Bundesliga.. 26/09/2021 Today Edinburgh FM hands you 5 FM22 save ideas by looking at clubs in England and Scotland for the perfect saves in Football Manager 2022.. In terms of fans, lOM are the biggest club in France, yet, in recent years, the success to back it up hasnt followed.. 14/09/2021 Check out our top picks for FM22 bargains; FM22 Best Teams To Manage: Newcastle United.. 02/08/2022 One FM23 save idea out of the ordinary, but quite interesting team to manage for Football Manager 2023 could be CF Intercity.. If you have any FM 2022 save ideas that you'd like to share, leave them .... This time, we're in Germany, home of the Bundesliga, looking at 3 clubs with a story that .... Are you struggling to choose which teams to manage in Football Manager 2022?

DNAjax is a save about creating a solid and dependable team. It’s not always about signing the best players, it’s about signing the right players.

It’s not always about signing the best players, it’s about signing the right players.. In the same way that I’ll be using First Team players for the reserves, I’ll be using the younger squad members to plug the gaps in youth games too.. 60%+ rating in Squad DNA 60%+ rating in their role and squad formation Rated in the top 5 players for their allocated role. The players whose strongest overall roles don’t quite fit the formation but who still rate high enough to do a good job – you could say these are the most valuable squad members as they can perform in more than one area.. The priorities will be:→ IF , CM,TF: there are no DNAjax players that comfortably fit these roles so they are a must buy → CD : Magallán is out on loan for the season so I’ll need to replace him → DM/CD : in an ideal transfer market, I’ll also be able to bring in a player who is comfortable in both roles and happy to be a backup in case injuries hit the squad

Within five minutes, we can show you how to work out bespoke tactical plans, innovative corner routines and clever scouting techniques

Millions of people around the world have played Football Manager, but for some it’s all too daunting.. This will make the players like you.. They’ll like that.. Click “Quick Pick” to see what your coaches recommend and the slots will fill up with players.. Alternatively, left-click the bit that says “Pick Player” and you’ll be given a small list of your options in that position with helpful star ratings.. But to get the best out of the game, you’ll want to make tweaks here and there to the players’ “roles”.. The next time you play, keep an eye on Reguilon and Son.. Pick “Attack” and “Left” and let’s make a short-corner routine.. Click on his shirt, move to “Player Instruction” and tell him to take a short corner.. The next time you play, you’ll see how Winks is presented with two clear areas of attack (the near post and the edge of the box) and, of course, the option of playing it back to Son.. Are you getting your best players on the ball?


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