Cover Letter for Student Visa: Your full guide (2023)

When you are applying for student visas abroad, it is likely that you have come across requests for a cover letter along with your application.

These cover letters are intended to capture a summary of your application and your sincere interest in studying in that particular country. Immigration authorities also want to see that you are genuinely interested in your specific program, that you are looking to learn, and that you have strong ties back home to want to return.

Officials don’t take kindly to seeing anything that shows you are looking to enter the country for any other reason than to study and see your program until the end, or that you intend to stay beyond your visa expiry.

What else do you need to know about writing a cover letter? Take a look below.

✏️ How do I write a cover letter for a student visa?

Writing a cover letter shouldn’t feel too difficult or overwhelming. It is a summary of your application and your overall interest in where you are studying. Plus, other fundamentals about you as an applicant. Here are a few tips on how to write your cover letter:

  • Write your letter in a formal letter format. Check out templates in Google Docs or MS Office for suggested formats
  • Maintain a formal and professional writing style in your cover letter
  • Introduce yourself with your full name and application number, if applicable, or passport number
  • Make sure to get across why you want to study in this particular program and country
  • State your intention upon after completing your program
  • Ensure your personal details match the ones in your application

🖇️ Sample cover letters for student visa application

Need some inspiration for writing a cover letter? Take a look below for 2 sample cover letters. And while these are to help, your cover letter should be original and genuine.

Sample Cover Letter #1

Your name
Your address


(Video) How to write your cover letter to the Home Office.

Name and address of where the application is being sent (typically the relevant >Embassy or consulate for your application in India)

To Whom It May Concern,

I would like to submit my application for a student visa for [insert country]. My application number is xxx-xxx. I have been accepted into [insert program name] at [insert educational institution].

[One paragraph on your educational background and desire to study at your particular program and what you are hoping to accomplish]

[One paragraph on how you intend to fund your tuition, stay and living expenses. >Include also anything that your program is providing you, such as accommodation or benefits]

[One short paragraph on what documents the officials can expect to find in this packet]

[One short paragraph on your ties to India and intentions to return home after your visa is complete. Please include your contact information so that officials can reach you with any questions]



Your printed name

(Video) THIS COVER LETTER WILL IMPRESS VISA OFFICIAL- What to write ? What not to write?

Sample Cover Letter #2

Your name
Your address


Name and address of where the application is being sent (typically the relevant Embassy or consulate for your application in India)

Subject: [Your Full Name & Application or Passport Number]

Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is [full name] and I would like to apply for a student visa to attend [insert educational institution]. I have been accepted into the [insert program name] and would like to be a full time student to complete this degree or program for [insert number of months you would like a study visa for].

[One paragraph on why you have chosen your program, and your goals; provide a brief synopsis of your academic history in India, and include what you believe you can learn as a full time student from the country]

[One paragraph on if you have already enrolled and if you have paid tuition towards your program. Include also how you will pay for any remainder tuition and your living expenses in the country. Provide any details on scholarships, grants or benefits you are receiving from the educational institution]

[One short paragraph listing in bullet points what documents the officials can expect to find in this packet]

[One short paragraph on your ties to India and your next steps for after your visa and program are complete. Please include your contact information so that officials can reach you with any questions]

(Video) How to write a visa cover letter? (Student long stay)



Your printed name

Sample cover letter for German student visa

If you are looking to apply for a student visa to Germany, here is a quick example of what a German cover letter could look like:


Germany Embassy or consulate details in India
Your full name
Passport details

To Whom It May Concern,

[Introduce yourself and why you are applying for a student visa. Include the program and educational institution you have been accepted in and the dates you will need a student visa for]

[A minimum 3-4 lines on why you chose your specific program and educational institution, plus why you want to study in Germany]

[One paragraph on relevant education and experience you have had that showcases your interest to pursue studying in the particular program Germany. How is studying in this program a progression or move forward towards your personal goals]

(Video) How to write a perfect Visa request Cover letter | study visa Italy | Complete guide | Deep Focus

[One paragraph on what officials can expect from inside the application packet. It is suggested to put the documents down as bullet points]

[Complete the letter stating what studying in Germany will mean to you, and how they may contact you with any questions.



Your full name
Contact information

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❌ Common mistakes to avoid when writing a cover letter

You have good intentions, but sometimes a genuine mistake can be the difference between getting a visa or not. Here are common mistakes students make when writing their cover letters:

(Video) Cover letter for visa application to Germany for student visa (shared my cover letter of 1 page!)

  • Spelling mistakes. Always double check your spelling or use programs like Grammarly or Spell Check before completing your letter
  • Address your letter to Sir/Madam or To Whom It may concern. Don’t assume that a male immigration official is reading your letter
  • Don’t make your cover letter too long. By modern standards, one page is good enough
  • Don’t make it too personal either. This is still a formal letter, so try to be succinct and to the point as you tell your story
  • If you are applying to multiple universities or countries, make sure you have the correct university name and country on each letter
  • Add your signature to close out your letter
  • Include what your intention is after your program completes. Be honest but do keep in mind to follow the rules and regulations of your prospective visa
  • Ensure that the letter is written in first person and by you as the applicant. It is not recommended to have family members write your letter for you.
  • Do write your letter in clear and legible font at a standard font size.

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How do I write a cover letter for a student visa? ›

My name is [full name] and I would like to apply for a student visa to attend [insert educational institution]. I have been accepted into the [insert program name] and would like to be a full time student to complete this degree or program for [insert number of months you would like a study visa for].

How do I write a cover letter for a visa application? ›

Dear Sir/Madam, I, [Your full name], currently residing at [address] and a [country] citizen, am writing in support of my wife, [Wife's full Name], visa application. [Wife's Name] will be traveling with me to [Destination name] for tourism and vacationing purposes.

Do you need a cover letter for student visa? ›

The Importance of a Cover Letter for Student Visa Application. Your visa application will be more likely to be rejected if it does not include a cover letter.

What is personal covering letter for visa? ›

A personal covering letter is an important document for Schengen visa which applicant attached with his visa application, the purpose of the personal covering letter to write down your reason for traveling.

How can I pass my student visa interview? ›

Top 9 Tips for the F1 Visa Interview
  1. Make a Good First Impression.
  2. Communicate Clearly.
  3. Speak English.
  4. Be Prepared.
  5. Know Your School and Program.
  6. Prove Your Intent to Return Home.
  7. Keep Your Answers Precise and Concise.
  8. Stay Positive.
27 Sept 2022

Is 500 words OK for a cover letter? ›

A good cover letter contains 3 to 4 concise paragraphs and no more than 400 words in total. For entry-level candidates, 200 words is the sweet spot. Ideally, your cover letter contents should take up slightly more than half a page.

Is 400 words enough for a cover letter? ›

Generally, you should aim for a cover letter word count of 250 to 400 words and about three to six paragraphs. A short, concise cover letter serves as a written introduction to a prospective employer and outlines why you're the best fit for the job.

What should I say in a cover letter? ›

When writing a cover letter, you should:
  • introduce yourself.
  • mention the job (or kind of job) you're applying for (or looking for)
  • show that your skills and experience match the skills and experience needed to do the job.
  • encourage the reader to read your resume.
18 Dec 2018

Why do they refuse student visa? ›

The most common reason for a student visa application being refused is due to insufficient funds or incorrect financial evidence. Some examples are: Not showing the required money for 28 continuous days and/or. Submitting financial documents that are more than 31 days old and/or.

What disqualifies you from getting a student visa? ›

If you have been found to meet one of the grounds of inadmissibility to the United States, your student visa will be denied. Common charges of inadmissibility include criminal convictions, past use of fraud, and/or prior overstays in the United States that surpassed 180 days.

Why would they deny a student visa? ›

Some common reasons that student visas are denied are: Lack of financial proof to support the student's education and life in the USA. Missing or incorrect documents. The consular officer is not convinced or does not have documented proof of the student's intention to their home country after completion of education.

What are the 3 types of cover letters? ›

There are three main types of cover letters: the application cover letter, the prospecting cover letter, and the networking cover letter. Short emails (we call these “non-cover letter cover letters”) are also an effective and increasingly common way to introduce your resume.

What are the 3 Ps of a cover letter? ›

A cover letter should be 3 paragraphs – Introduction, Sales Pitch and Conclusion. were personally referred or have a contact, drop the name here.

What should I wear to my visa appearance? ›

Showing you have a sense of consideration for the event of the interview by wearing proper formal clothes and shoes with minimal accessories is the way to go. Also, minimal makeup and slight perfume smell are also supporting elements in leaving a good impression of a serious visa candidate.

How can I increase my chances of getting a student visa? ›

Financially Stable Students

The closer the relationship i.e. parents, siblings, spouse etc., the more likely you will get a VISA. How much money should be in the bank? A minimum of the first year's tuition fees plus cost of living for the first year. The more money, the better the chances of successful visa.

How can I impress my visa officer? ›

When your turn for the interview comes, enter the room with a smile, greet the officer with a warm hello or hi. S/he may ask you 'how are you doing'. Reply politely and thank them for asking. If your visa is granted, thank them politely and leave.

What do visa officers check for student visa? ›

If you are a prospective student, the interviewing officer may ask about your specific plans or promise of future employment, family or other relationships, educational objectives, grades, long-range plans and career prospects in your home country.

Can a cover letter hurt your chances? ›

In most cases, including a cover letter will not hurt your chances of landing a job. Regardless of your reasons for including a cover letter, you must remember that you still need a great resume. A resume will be the primary document an employer's hiring team looks at during the review process.

What words should not be used in a cover letter? ›

Here are some words and phrases to avoid in your cover letter:
  • “I'm confident I'm the perfect person for the job.” ...
  • “I need this job because … ” ...
  • “I would like to know the salary range for this job … ” or “I'm requesting a salary of … ” ...
  • “I think … ” ...
  • “I would be a good fit.” ...
  • “To whom it may concern:” ...
  • “Good” ...
  • “Best”
17 Jul 2018

How do you write a very strong cover letter? ›

What the Experts Say
  1. Do your research first. Before you start writing, find out more about the company and the specific job you want. ...
  2. Focus it on the future. ...
  3. Open strong. ...
  4. Emphasize your personal value. ...
  5. Convey enthusiasm. ...
  6. Watch the tone. ...
  7. Keep it short. ...
  8. Get feedback.
4 Feb 2014

How do I avoid too many I in a cover letter? ›

One possibility is to use "my" now and then: instead of "I am experienced in ...", write "My fields of experience include ...". Another possibility is to use references to previous sentences: instead of writing "I developed the method of ... . I applied it to the problem of ... ." write "I developed ... .

What are 3 reasons why cover letters are important? ›

Here are three more reasons that cover letters are still relevant:
  • They offer a more relevant explanation than a resume can. ...
  • They demonstrate how you communicate. ...
  • They show you're a serious candidate.
24 Jul 2019

Is 4 pages too long for cover letter? ›

A cover letter should be between half a page and one page long. Divide the page into 3–4 short paragraphs and by word count, your covering letter should be 250–300 words, depending on your experience. Bear in mind what a cover letter is for.

How do you introduce yourself in a cover letter? ›

Yes, you should introduce yourself in a cover letter. Introduce yourself by stating your name, the position you're applying for, and how you found it. For example: My name is Henry Applicant, and I'm applying for the open Account Manager position listed on LinkedIn.

What are the 5 tips to writing a cover letter? ›

How to Write a Cover Letter For a Job: 5 Essential Tips
  1. Customize your letter. ...
  2. Supplement your resume, don't repeat it. ...
  3. Include keywords and supporting details. ...
  4. Address any missing pieces. ...
  5. Proofread and ask for feedback.

What are the 4 tips for a great cover letter? ›

4 Tips for Writing a Successful Cover Letter
  • Make It Personal. To make your cover letter seem more personable, it's a good idea to address the reader directly. ...
  • Past, Present, and Future. ...
  • Research is Key! ...
  • Keep It Brief.
1 Jul 2022

How do you impress a cover letter? ›

5 Easy Steps To Write Your Cover Letter And Impress A Hiring...
  1. Step 1: Use the top of the cover letter for company details. ...
  2. Step 2: Introduce yourself with a strong first paragraph. ...
  3. Step 3: Be specific about your accomplishments. ...
  4. Step 4: Show that you've done research on the company.

What are the 4 parts of a cover letter? ›

A cover letter is comprised of several sections: your contact information, a salutation, the body of the cover letter, an appropriate closing, and a signature.

Which country rejects most visa? ›

Which Countries Have The Highest Rejection Rates? According to Schengen Visa Statistic 2021, the 4 countries with the highest rejection rates were: Sweden, Norway, France, and Denmark.

Is student visa easy to get? ›

It is not difficult to get a student visa for the USA from India, but you must follow all student visa requirements for the USA from India and give yourself plenty of time to complete and submit your paperwork.

How do I not get rejected from a student visa? ›

Tips to avoid student visa rejection
  1. Make sure that you apply on time. ...
  2. Always check and double-check all documents required for the student visa.
  3. Make sure that you provide proper proof of English proficiency.
  4. Ensure that you have documented all your academic qualifications properly.
8 Mar 2022

What are the chances of student visa rejection? ›

As per this report, in 2021, the total number of Study Permit Applications refused and processed from India were 91,439 and 225,402 respectively. The refusal rate was nearly 41%. In the case of India, the number of PR applications stands at 96,378 and the number of temporary residence applications is 430,286.

Can visa be rejected without a reason? ›

Reasons for Visa Refusal

Your visa may be rejected, if you have provided wrong information in your visa application form. If you have a past history of criminal activities against you. If you apply for a visa without a valid justification on a short notice.

What happens if my student visa gets rejected? ›

There are two options, in case the study visa gets rejected more than once. Students can try apply to obtain visa for the same country or they can apply to study in some other country.

Can I apply for student visa again after rejection? ›

Re-apply in the Same Country

If your visa application was rejected the first time, you have the option of re-applying. Many students are granted a Student Visa the second time around whose visa applications were denied the first time. You must identify and rectify the reasons which may have caused the rejection.

How many times can you apply for student visa? ›

There is no limit to how many times you can apply for an F-1 visa – although it is probably not wise to apply again and again without modifying what went wrong. If you learn from your previous mistakes, gather the necessary evidence and go in confident then there is little reason you will not get your visa.

How long will it take to get a student visa? ›

How long does it take to get an Indian student visa? There is no standard processing time for an Indian student visa, but most students will receive a decision within two weeks of submitting their application.

What should the first paragraph of a cover letter include? ›

The first paragraph of your cover letter should provide the basic details about who you are and why you want the job. Include the title of the job you are applying for, provide a general overview of why you would excel at the position and the reasons you are excited about the job.

What is the best cover letter format? ›

Here's how to format a cover letter step by step:

Start With a Personal Salutation and a Strong Opening. Make an Offer and Explain Your Motivation in the Central Paragraphs. Use a Clear Call to Action. Finish with a Professional Sign-Off.

What is cover letter and example? ›

A cover letter is a one-page document that you submit as part of your job application (alongside your CV or Resume). Its purpose is to introduce you and briefly summarize your professional background. On average, your cover letter should be from 250 to 400 words long.

What are the 2 types of cover letters? ›

Yes. In general, cover letters come in one of two forms: application letters and prospecting letters. Application letters are written in response to a specific job opening or vacancy notice.

Which color is best for visa interview? ›

Bright colors are also not recommended for interviews as they may distract the interviewer. Neutral tones such as beige, white, cream, grey, navy blue, or pastel colors like pink or light blue can help your outfit look more colorful without overdoing it.

What should you not bring to a visa interview? ›

Prohibited Items (Items Not to Bring to the Embassy/Consulate)
  • Backpacks, bags, luggage, or large purses (purses 12 x 10 x 6 in. ...
  • Food and beverages.
  • Weapons, including mace or pepper spray.
  • Tools, including any sharp or bladed objects.
  • Any oils, aerosols or pump sprays, liquids, lotions and powders.
  • Any type of fire starter.

Can I wear jeans to visa interview? ›

Just make sure your clothes are clean and tidy and you'll do fine. Jeans/khakis and a polo shirt would be my recommendation as a jumping off point for both male and female visa applicants, but T-shirts are also fine, as are maxi dresses, Hawaiian shirts, etc.

How do I write a cover letter for an international school? ›

The following list includes certain topics and information that you should address:
  1. Lead with the position you're applying for. ...
  2. Ditch the “Dear Sir/Madam” opening. ...
  3. Keep it brief. ...
  4. Make it personal. ...
  5. Don't get flowery. ...
  6. Highlight your relevant experience. ...
  7. State your English proficiency. ...
  8. Disclose your availability.
28 May 2019

How do I write a cover letter for a student with no experience? ›

How to Write a Cover Letter With No Experience
  1. List your contact information.
  2. Include the hiring manager's contact details.
  3. Address the hiring manager by name.
  4. Write an attention-grabbing opening paragraph.
  5. Explain why you're the best fit for the role.
  6. Describe your relevant skills.
  7. Mention your top achievements.
26 Jul 2022

How long should your cover letter be as a student? ›

Do Be Concise: Cover letters should be one page long and divided into three to four paragraphs. The first paragraph should indicate the reason you are writing and how you heard about the position. Include attention grabbing, yet professional, information.

How do you say you have no experience but willing to learn? ›

Using your own words, try something along the lines of: "I am interested in an entry-level position. I know I have much to learn, and I'm looking for an opportunity that will let me build a solid professional foundation.

How long is a cover letter? ›

A cover letter can be anything between half a page and a full-page long. Generally, you should aim for a cover letter word count of 250 to 400 words and about three to six paragraphs.

What are the 7 things you should include in your cover letter? ›

Key Elements of a Cover Letter
  • Information about you.
  • Date.
  • Contact Person's Name, Title, Employer, and Address.
  • Salutation.
  • Opening Paragraph.
  • Middle Paragraph.
  • Second Middle Paragraph.
  • Contact Information and Closing.

What are the 4 key elements of a cover letter? ›

A cover letter is comprised of several sections: your contact information, a salutation, the body of the cover letter, an appropriate closing, and a signature.

What is a good first sentence for a cover letter? ›

Examples of Cover Letter Opening Sentences

I am writing to express my strong interest in the international marketing position open at WellCam, Inc. My colleague Janna Doling recommended that I contact you directly about this position, owing to the years I have spent developing successful campaigns for XYZ company.

What should the first sentence of a cover letter be? ›

The opening paragraph of your cover letter should grab the hiring manager's attention and make them want to read your cover letter. Some tips to write an attention-grabbing opening paragraph include being direct, starting with a strong belief statement, or leading with a relevant achievement.

How do you write a powerful cover letter? ›

What the Experts Say
  1. Do your research first. Before you start writing, find out more about the company and the specific job you want. ...
  2. Focus it on the future. ...
  3. Open strong. ...
  4. Emphasize your personal value. ...
  5. Convey enthusiasm. ...
  6. Watch the tone. ...
  7. Keep it short. ...
  8. Get feedback.
4 Feb 2014


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