Associate Brand Manager Resume Samples (2023)

An Associate Brand Manager is accountable for maintaining and building a brand for the company. Apart from assisting the brand manager, these associates are involved in executing the work activities related to the brand such as devising marketing strategies for the related brand, creating positive image for the brand, developing ad campaigns, coordinating with creative department, formulating long-term strategies for the brand, evaluating product positioning, helping defining prices, assisting in brand packaging, developing promotional activities, associating with brand profit and market share, monitoring competitors and coordinating with brand management.

An Associate Brand Manager Resume should demonstrate exceptional leadership and management skills, knowledge of digital marketing tools, ability to conduct market analysis and sufficient experience with brand pricing and packaging. Eligible candidates applying for this job role must depict in the Associate Brand Manager Resume a degree in the field of advertising, marketing or the related.

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Associate Brand Manager Resume

Headline : Associate Brand Manager with 6 plus years of experience in the Manufacturing domain with strong credentials in Product/ Brand Management. Experience stewarding high profile brands.

Skills : Branding, Brand Management, Social Media Marketing, General Management, Forecasting, Analytics, Innovation

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Description :

    1. Managing all business activities, including brand strategy NDP, for Magic and SCI brand segments.
    2. Led the cross-functional team to transition packaging change, managing demand plan of existing SKUs to minimize slob.
    3. Created a new category of specialty surface cleaners based on in-home research, translating consumer insights into RD brief.
    4. Placement at 2100 stores, including Home Depot, Bed Bath Beyond, and Menards.
    5. Developing and executing special merchandise for incremental sales and increased brand presence.
    6. Identifying the cost-saving opportunities within key strategic platforms.
    7. Identifying the cost-saving initiatives amounting to $100k+ annually.
    8. Identifying the key quality issues based on thereturn to vendors and customer reviews, and developing a plan to address the concerns.
    9. Led and executed product improvement to protect grow $2.3mm business.

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    5-7 Years

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    Bachelor Of Engineering

    Senior Associate Brand Manager II Resume

    Summary : Senior Associate Brand Manager II with over 15 years of event marketing, brand management, strategic promotion and public relations experience Proactive client management and servicing Detailed and goal-oriented project manager Enthusiastic team leader and people manager Strong organizational and communication skills.

    Skills : Product Development, Merchandising, Management, New Product Launches, Brand Management, Market Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Leadership Development, Vendor Relationships, International Business, Sourcing, Product Management

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    Description :

      1. Managed day-to-day consumer brand specifics across Jarden consumer solutions brands and businesses.
      2. Developed marketing and advertising campaigns including tv, print, radio, online, social media, public relations special events.
      3. Evaluated all sales and marketing campaigns for success metrics analysis.
      4. Supported the annual strategic planning process, leading tactical planning, monitoring trends and reporting on marketplace changes.
      5. Developed and implemented the plans to drive opportunities in support of annual sales goals.
      6. Identified target consumers and analyzed specific attitudes and behaviors utilizing programs such as Nielsen/Spectra and MRI in order to seize the opportunity and shape business strategies.
      7. Managed consumer research programs such as email surveys, online discussion boards and focus groups for insight generation and a deeper understanding of consumer attitudes, behaviors and desires.
      8. Created and implemented various product launch events, sales events, trade shows branding events.
      9. Experience in 30+ markets with retailer tie-ins, product integration in remote radio broadcasts/special events at music awards with product interaction and demonstrations.

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      10+ Years

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      Associate Brand Manager Resume

      Headline : Associate Brand Manager with 5 plus years of experience is seeking to become the brand's storyteller and advocate. Improve the brand presence through strategic planning, content development, consumer research, event and project management.

      Skills : Public Speaking, Social Media Management, Social Media Marketing, Content Creation, Event Planning, Event Coordination, Report Writing, Social Media Listening Tools, Organizational, Brand Development

      Description :

        1. Collaborating with the Senior Brand Manager to establish long-term brand plans identifying key initiatives surrounding focus products.
        2. Leading the management and execution of national and regional tradeshows through coordinated efforts with cross-functional teams, while finding ways to streamline the event planning process.
        3. Leading the development of a new tradeshow booth and managed all booth creative.
        4. Creating the brand messaging tagline and accompanying copy and marketing collateral.
        5. Developing the content for marketing print and digital collateral, including, but not limited to, product booklets, product catalogs, product box copy, social media, internal marketing newsletter,and brand messaging.
        6. Leading the consumer in-store programs for key independent accounts, such as coupons, point-of-sale materials,and sales promotions.
        7. Creating the launch plans for focus products that included tradeshow support, consumer in-store support, budget planning, and consumer research.
        8. Managing and developing the content for social media platforms for the Himalaya brand.

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        5-7 Years

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        Associate Brand Manager Resume

        Headline : Associate Brand Manager with a successful track record of 6 plus years of delivering positive end results. Experienced in product development and line management in the consumer packaged goods and retail fashion industries. Determined to get the job done while promoting a collaborative and fun environment. Proven creative, analytical, managerial, and leadership abilities. Passionate multi-tasker who brings an innovative approach to business issues.

        Skills : Brand Management, Product Development, Line Management, Sales And Market Trend Analysis, Product Line Extensions, Team Leadership & Management, International & Vendor Relationship, Building Merchandising, New Brand Development, Sourcing, Project Management, Consumer Behavior, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Creative Content Development, Time Management, Consumer Packaged Goods.

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        Description :

          1. Promoted to manage all every day (non-seasonal) greeting card master lines and product offerings for the recycled paper greetings brand.
          2. In total, managed 2500 individual SKUs, generating $153m over 12 months.
          3. Finalizing all key decisions to maximize productivity in major retailers.
          4. Leading and managing the entire product development process from rough art concept to production and sales analysis.
          5. Partnering with the creative, operations, and account and retail assorting teams throughout product development.
          6. Implementing the strategic plans and company initiatives, while ensuring lines always reflect RPG brand vision.
          7. Leading meetings, brainstorming sessions, and decision-making relating to assigned categories.
          8. Identifying the key issues through ongoing sales analyses.
          9. Acquiring the customers through theimplementation of market trends and newness in retail displays, increasing sales by 13% ($16.2m) YOY.
          10. Implementing the new test strategy and cadence to expedite test-to-market strategies and line freshness.

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          5-7 Years

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          Associate Brand Manager I Resume

          Summary : Detailed-oriented Associate Brand Manager I with 13 years of expertise in growing and developing product lines. Extensive experience working with product development, regulatory, quality, and manufacturing departments to successfully drive product development and enhancements. Excellent relationship building and problem solving skills. Proven record of increasing sales and product awareness through effective communication and marketing tactics.

          Skills : Windows 8, Cognos Power Play, Live Link, Excel, PowerPoint, DCS, Microsoft Word, Project Management, Administrative, Communications, Marketing.

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          Description :

            1. Managed assigned product lines to develop and enhance the overall product line.
            2. Grew sales by 10% year over year by bringing recognition to the product line.
            3. Developed sales training programs, educating front line sales representatives in how to grow the business.
            4. Coordinated educational programs that provided continuing education units to health care providers by conducting onsite full day training.
            5. Marketing lead in transferring manufacturing to an offshore manufacturing facility, reducing standard cost and becoming more price competitive.
            6. Successfully discontinued products, streamlining the product line and drawing focus to new products.
            7. Increased product line awareness through quarterly publishing sales force bulletins.
            8. Achieved a 95% response rate in a product recall by assisting in organizing several different field-based personnel along with providing hands-on communication to the hospitals.
            9. Collaborated with product development in developing a new product that expanded the product line and increased health care safety.

            Associate Brand Manager Resume

            Objective : Associate Brand Manager with 4 plus years of experience. Proactively leads brand development efforts by working collaboratively with cross-functional teams to develop and commercialize global launches on time and budget. Extensive experience in analyzing market strategy and conducting both quantitative and qualitative market research.

            Skills : Market Research, Events Coordination, Relationship Management, Customer Service, Project Management, Media Analysis And Brand Management.

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            Description :

              1. Lead five global projects worth $61m in incremental revenue to drive innovation across a $113m sub-brand.
              2. Contributed as global brand marketing lead on aproject awarded “perfect launch” designation.
              3. Expedited project timeline by 12 months to launch strategic product line extension in the US market, achieving placement in two major accounts.
              4. Identifying the innovation opportunity for the brand through idea generation, consumer research, and opportunity sizing.
              5. Recommending pricing and promotional guidelines for new product launches to align with brand and category strategies.
              6. Partnering with cross-functional teams to create compelling sell-in and merchandising material to support new launches.
              7. Conducting the global business case analysis recommending the consolidation of 12 regional lines to 2 global platforms to reduce complexity and realign product positioning.
              8. Supporting multi-phase global relaunch of the master brand, optimizing the communication assets (claims, packaging, copy), ideating new product concepts, and developing new impactful packaging.
              9. Submitting the stimulus used in consumer insights research including positioning statements, concept development, claims validation, and planogram studies.
              10. Analyzing the market and consumer research to recommend positioning, pricing, and communication objectives.

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              2-5 Years

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              Associate Brand Manager Resume

              Summary : Experienced Associate Brand Manager with over nine-plus years of experience in brand strategy, integrated omnichannel campaigns, project management, digital marketing, and public relations. Various industry background including home appliances, technology, healthcare, and financial services. Proven to be successful in leading cross-functional teams, including management of multiple agencies and partnering brands, to achieve focused results and creative solutions across all marketing touchpoints.

              Skills : Marketing, Advertising, Branding, Brand Management, Communication, Team Leadership, Team Player, Excel, Powerpoint, Project Management

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              Description :

                1. Owner of consumer communication strategies and marketing programs for LG cooking appliances and LG studio kitchen brand.
                2. Building the marketing plans for responsible product categories and manage all programs across various marketing touchpoints, including Advertising, PR, Digital, and In-store.
                3. Leading cross-functional marketing teams and assisting the Director of Marketing to develop and implement the Annual marketing plan for the home appliance brand.
                4. Achieved a 5% increase in brand consideration with the highest purchase conversion rate amongst category competition.
                5. Successfully launched the LG studio premium kitchen appliance brand with integrated marketing campaigns across print advertising, digital, and PR, achieving an 8% increase in consumer awareness within a year.
                6. Successfully delivered various integrated marketing campaigns to success- a recent PR and social media campaign exceeded KPIs and delivered over 160m pr impressions, 1m social engagements, and 800k video views.
                7. Drove advertising campaigns and marketing programs for LG cooking appliances to success, contributing to 4.5% increase in market share in 2015.

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                7-10 Years

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                Associate Brand Manager Resume

                Summary : Highly motivated and result-oriented Associate Brand Manager with 10+ years of brand management experience for industry-leading global consumer goods corporation. Drive product development initiatives from concept ideation and consumer testing to launch Profit-focused team leader with the innovative mindset.

                Skills : Competitive Brand Management, P&L, And Budget Management, Product Launches & Portfolio Management, Market Research, Brand Visions, Strategy, Positioning Quantitative & Qualitative Analytics Computer: Nielsen Database, Cognos, Microsoft Office And Basic HTML

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                Description :

                  1. Defining and executing theprofitable/competitive brand strategy and marketing plans for assigned $10mm brand within Lindt portfolio to ensure growth and establishment in the marketplace.
                  2. Analyzing and tracking the market and competitive performance with communication of key learnings and indicated actions to senior management.
                  3. Identifying the opportunities for new product launches which enable Lindt to accelerate and sustain growth, focusing on key price points and trends.
                  4. Producing and executing the competitive marketing programs driving awareness and trial to the Lindt brand.
                  5. Managed new product line launch including development, research, pl, packaging, graphics, sell in materials and strategy.
                  6. Reversed a declining trend in a key market through consumer targeted promotional support that resulted in a 5.5% increase in volume.
                • Managed promotional pl statement, monthly financial reconciliation, and weekly sales reporting.
                • Associate Brand Manager Resume

                  Objective : Associate Brand Manager with 2 plus years of experience and with a passion for using consumer insights to develop new products and brand positioning/messaging across multiple industries, retail channels, and media touch points. Proven analytical, organizational communication, and interpersonal skills. Dedicated to achieving win-win results for both internal and external customers and partners.

                  Skills : Integrated Media Planning, Applying Consumer Insights For Products, New Product Development, Lifecycle Management, S& OP Process, Product Financials, Global Teams, B2C And B2B Industries, Software, And Campaigns.

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                  Description :

                    1. Building first-ever volleyball sub-brand go to market plan across multiple divisions within Mizuno USA (sales, supply chain, brand business integration, e-commerce, customer support, distribution center).
                    2. Establishing and implementing the overall digital and social strategy for volleyball division.
                    3. Developing and executingthe go-to-market initiatives within volleyball business across all product categories.
                    4. Supporting the accelerated high margin national growth through the development, management, and coordinated execution of themarketing strategies.
                    5. Growing and maintaining top market share position in key product category of footwear, while maintaining high-margin in soft goods, working with global development team.
                    6. Proving the need for a larger team of personnel to handle the highest-margin business at Mizuno USA and grew the team within the sub-brand by 900% between 2015 and 2017.
                    7. Establishing first ever Mizuno USA volleyball market share data collection strategy in order to back up future initiatives and revenue goals based on consumer feedback.
                    8. Working closely with global sector and regional marketing teams to create continuity in regards to global profile, visual identity, and brand architecture.

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                    2-5 Years

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                    Associate Brand Manager Resume

                    Summary : Motivated Associate Brand Manager with 13 years of experience and with a background in product development, brand management, and stores. Possesses strong analytical skills and a proven ability to maximize sales and profitability. Skillful communicator with the ability to effectively collaborate with vendors, customers, and management to support company initiatives and achieve business goals.

                    Skills : Kenexa, Sourcing, Interviewing, Onboarding, Event Coordination, Project Management, Marketing Strategy, Agency Management, SAP, Peoplesoft, Virtual Edge, Outlook, Microsoft Word

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                    Description :

                      1. Managed the development, implementation and on-time release of approximately 150 annual product package mechanicals.
                      2. Involved in collaboration with internal packaging team and external creative agencies.
                      3. Created and release package mechanicals as-needed, using Adobe Illustrator.
                      4. Managed new product launch campaigns using project management and metrics tools.
                      5. Collaborated with theexternal agency in the execution of PR campaigns, media plans, and creative direction.
                      6. Assisted in the creation and implementation of speed strategic plan to grow its market share.
                      7. Supported the development and delivery of digital, direct response marketing, and branding strategies for assigned partners and degree programs.
                      8. Responsible for executing focused projects to assist in achieving partner-specific objectives for lead generation, engagement, and branding.
                      9. Supported the development of partner and program-specific value propositions, offers, and calls-to-action to convert prospects to qualified leads.
                      10. Provided input into creative and messaging for assigned clients and teams to ensure alignment with marketing strategies has also been a priority.

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                      10+ Years

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