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Agriculture is one of the oldest fields of human endeavor. In fact, agriculture just might be the driving force behind just about every change in human history.

Agriculture companies serve many purposes. They help farmers, ranchers, and food producers. The name of a company stands out in any environment and social media throughout the world. A company name that is easy to remember and easily understood will bring in more business.

Selecting the right agricultural company name can be very confusing. Because the options are quite wide, the process of searching for the right name takes some time and considerable effort.

Unique Agriculture Company Names

Did you know that there are over 400,000 agricultural businesses in the US? These small businesses need names that reflect their unique brands. An interesting name brings customers in for your business and makes them remember you over competitors. Here are suggestions for unique agriculture company names.

  • Agritech Limited
  • Agriculture Networks Ltd.
  • Agrocentre Holdings Limited
  • AgroGroup Consulting Ltd.
  • Astro Agricultural Services
  • Nature’s Pride
  • Rushing Creek Farms
  • East Valley Farms
  • Blueberry Hills
  • Mayflower Farms
  • Land Grower Inc.
  • Market Fresh Inc.
  • Farmer’s Pride
  • Agriculture Information Services Limited
  • Harvest Time
  • Rooting Interest
  • Point-Picking Plough
  • Turf Prospects
  • Grow-N-Know
  • Arm-Farming Services
  • Farm & Garden Products Co.
  • Yard Farmers Market
  • Earthbound Brownies Company
  • Nutritional Seed Supplies
  • Organic Dandelion Farming
  • The Agro-Ventures
  • Blue Hills Farm
  • The Green Acre
  • North Country Harvests
  • Agritech Innovation Partners Incorporated
  • Farmacia
  • Harvest Limited
  • Arable Inc.
  • Agritech
  • Agri-Tools Co.
  • Farmers´ World
  • Food 2 Good
  • Food Truck
  • The Agriculture Corporation
  • Growing Enterprise
  • Astra-Green Fertilizers
  • Arbors and Hedgerows
  • Barns Unlimited
  • Big Gums Tree Farms
  • Agricultural Empires
  • Agricultural Machinations Ltd. (AMC)
  • Pocket Agriculture Inc.
  • Nature Agri Farms
  • Agricultural Solutions
  • Organic Farm Solutions
  • Eco-Agriculture Solutions
  • All Aspects Agricultural Enterprises, Inc
  • American Agricultural Enterprise, Inc.
  • Bean Machine Farm Supply
  • Ranchlands & Habitat Division
  • Outback Farm Supply
  • Outback Homesteads and Ranchland, Inc.
  • Backyard Farm Supply and Labor Exchange
  • U-N-A Farm Supplies Co, Inc.
  • Sunlight Products, LLC
  • Agri-Food Marketing
  • Agri-Marketing
  • Blueberry Hills Produce Co.
  • Green Sunshine Gardens
  • Farm Pride Summer Fruits Co. Ltd.
  • Agrobotanica
  • Industrial Agriculture Company
  • Agricultural Science, Inc.
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Farm & Agriculture Tools
  • YieldPro, Inc.
  • Agritrade
  • The Green Gain
  • FieldSong
  • FertilFarms
  • Agri 2-GO
  • Smith’s Seeds

Attractive Agriculture Company Names

The name of your agriculture business is one of the first aspects that will determine whether your future customers are interested in purchasing one from you or another supplier.

A successful agricultural company name should be thought of first and foremost as attractive. That charm which seduces consumers will have a tendency to attract more of them, thus helping you achieve greater success.

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  • Barnyard Paradise
  • Plantland Inc.
  • Capriole Maple Products Company
  • First Fruits Farm Produce and Apple Deli
  • Agrino Technologies
  • Agri Tree Industries
  • Big Agri LLC
  • AgriGro Foods Inc.
  • Agritech Biotech
  • Crop Farmers Organic Market
  • Grow, Inc.
  • Harvest, Inc.
  • Agrogreen
  • Agrosystems
  • AgTech Industries
  • Agricultural Products Production and Marketing
  • Agriculture Business Management (ABM)
  • Whole-Farm Marketing
  • Grapevine Products
  • Green Fields Harvesting
  • Agritopia Farms
  • Eden Farm Pte. Ltd.
  • Cowsnack Industries, Pte. Ltd.
  • FarmHubs Pte. Ltd.
  • Green Acres Block Exchange
  • B&S Farms & Truck Repair
  • Trace & Sons Tractors
  • Bachman Farms and Feed Lot, Inc.
  • Four Corners Farm Store, Inc.
  • Agribusiness Inc.
  • Growers Alliance
  • Green Power Corporation
  • Say It With Seeds LLC
  • Grow Green Solutions
  • Happy Tractor Co.
  • Big Bee Farms
  • Hyperion Ridge Farms
  • Natural Harvest Organics
  • Sunset Meats Ltd.
  • Harvest Enterprises
  • Honeybee Enterprises
  • A Little Beekeeping Inc.
  • Fresh Country Gourmet Foods
  • Bee Mine Honey Ltd.
  • Fereshteh Agrotechnology
  • Agrosilvopastoralisme
  • AmberLand Enterprises
  • Successful Farming
  • Rural Farming
  • Organic Gardening
  • Countryside Farmsteads
  • Farm Fresh Foodies
  • Dandelion Farms
  • Agrifoods
  • Abundant Harvest
  • Breakthrough Technologies
  • Green Wave
  • Freshly Grown
  • Solar Power Production
  • Healthy Meadows
  • Ample Crops
  • Delta Farm Supply Incorporated
  • Farm, Highland Winery Co.
  • Old Country Acres Inc.
  • Barnstorm Farms
  • Crop Circle Seeds
  • Harvest Moon Nurseries
  • Black Gold Farms
  • The Valley Farm
  • Diversified Crops Enterprises Inc.
  • Grow And Sell Flourishing Herbs
  • Agritech Innovation
  • Farm Grind
  • Agrocide Pte. Ltd.
  • Agropark Briard
  • Agropark Company Ltd.
  • Agroparks Incorporation
  • Pest Patrol Incorporated
  • Fertile Fields Enterprises
  • Crop Production Services

Cool Agriculture Company Names

Cool agriculture company names are a way to stand out from the crowd. The names we’ve listed here are some examples of cool agriculture business names that you might want to consider. Some of these are even cool enough to be used as the name for a new restaurant or restaurant chain!

  • Loamy Soil
  • Fruitful Crops
  • Farm Fresh Produce
  • Rooting Interest
  • Point-Picking Plough
  • Turf Prospects
  • Grow-N-Know
  • Blueberry HillsHarvest Incorporated
  • Garden Fresh Produce Inc.
  • Budding Business Roses Company
  • Agri-Machinery Ventures
  • Farm for Food Records
  • Green LeafProduce Company
  • Groovy GreenHarvest Inc.
  • Harvest Time
  • Full HarvestLtd.
  • Mow and Grow
  • Roll up the Field
  • Green CultivationHarvest Company
  • Fruits of the Loom
  • Grains and Hops Coop
  • Growing Concerns
  • The Crop Perfection
  • Reaping RichesLtd.
  • Feed Co.
  • Round SeedsFresh Produce
  • SoilTech, Inc.
  • Agronomist Co.
  • Nature’s Products
  • Joe’s Grown and harvested
  • Greenfields Fresh Produce
  • Wheat Bushel Harvest
  • Apple OrchardProduce Ltd.
  • Blessed HarvestCo. Inc.
  • Monet’s Apple Orchards, Ashford
  • Pumpkin Fields
  • Stone Hill FarmsInc.
  • Native SonFarms Inc.
  • Southern PrideFresh Farm Produce, Inc.
  • Home Town Hero
  • Farm Fresh
  • Future Harvest
  • Today’s Harvest
  • Delightful Crop Production
  • Diligent Farming
  • Murphy’s Horticulture
  • Capital Offsetters
  • Carla’s Green Acres Company
  • Grazing Land
  • Old MacDonald’s Fresh Farm Produce
  • Marcy’s Machine Harvesting Company Inc.
  • Ebb & Flow Tractor Spotted Farms
  • Orange CountyProduce
  • Crop DustingInc.
  • VineyardProduce, Georgia
  • Top Shelf Growers
  • Tasty Tops
  • Sweet Water Farms
  • Mighty Acres
  • Drivin’ Acres
  • Sunny Acres
  • Agriflora, Inc.
  • Agrocentre, Inc.
  • Agro-tours
  • The Rural Rooter
  • Here Comes the Sun Farm
  • Critter Farms
  • Safe Soiling, Inc.
  • The Lakeview Dairies
  • Green Wave& Co.
  • Freshly-grown, Inc.
  • Planters and Growers
  • The Seedsman
  • Tree Farmer
  • Country Fresh
  • Red Willow
  • Horse Creek
  • Primrose Park
  • The Haypatch Farm
  • Horse Creek Farms

Agriculture Export Company Names

Agriculture exports is a top export activity of US. Through this activity, foreign countries and companies can acquire agricultural commodities, machinery, equipment and supplies necessary for agricultural production.

The choice of agricultural export company name can sometimes seem overwhelming, especially if you feel you already have several names in mind. You should be aware that any name could fail if it lacks creativity and originality.

Your company name should be carefully considered especially when choosing one from scratch – this is because there are numerous things you need to consider such as consistency, uniqueness, readability and contrast among others.

We’ve brainstormed the following agricultural export company names that you might try out when trying to come up with a new name for your company.

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  • Green Choice
  • 4-Season Harvest
  • Fruit Up
  • Super Crops
  • Easy Harvests
  • Sunny Harvest
  • EcoAgriculture
  • Green Valley Reliable Farming
  • Coffee Silo
  • Grower Farmers Inc
  • Agriscape
  • Agri World Co.
  • Agro Valley
  • Earthly Goods
  • Export Green Wave
  • Farm First, Inc
  • Board of Corn
  • Cash Crops Exporters Ltd.
  • Sunnyside Fruits & Vegetables Ltd
  • Sun Rising Agro Pvt Ltd
  • Green Spotlight Inc.
  • Wonderful Things (Agricultural Company)
  • Cool Fields LCC
  • Mountain Delight Farms LLC
  • Fresh Edge
  • Agripower
  • Skygrowers Inc
  • Bonanza Fodder Suppliers Ltd
  • Agro Star International
  • Branch to Market
  • Global Farmer Network
  • Bountiful Harvest
  • Fruitful Exports
  • Crop Culture
  • So Fruitful
  • Nutri Source
  • Baskets of Joy
  • Big Sky Country
  • Charming Wheat
  • Great Big Harvest
  • Happy Little Acres
  • Heartland Vegetables
  • Lush Leafy Layers
  • Mighty Harvests (A Powerful Force)

Catchy Agriculture Business Names

Agriculture is a difficult industry. It’s easy to get trapped within the confines of the industry and lose sight of your goals. The world of agriculture isn’t always full of bright lights and new technologies. It’s generally slower to change, and needs to be able to adapt very quickly if necessary.

With that in mind, I thought I’d share catchy agriculture business name ideas that have stood the test of time and have an inherent connection to the industry.

It’s important to establish your own brand to communicate with others outside of your field. Agribusiness naming has become a pivotal skill for any entrepreneur interested in expanding their operations — allowing them to differentiate their services or products from competitors.

  • Green Acres Agribusiness Company, Inc.
  • Seeds of Change
  • Sunrise Agribusiness, Inc.
  • Baker’s Best
  • Big Sky Harvest
  • Big Sky Ranch
  • agMemo
  • Bountiful Harvest
  • Country Bounty
  • Farmer John’s Organic Seeds & Produce
  • Farm Fresh Organics
  • Farmer Fred’s Fresh Fruit and Vegetables
  • Farmer Joe’s Organic Farmstand
  • Farmer’s Market Organics
  • Farmers Technology Solutions
  • Green Fields Grown Fresh Daily
  • Healthy Delights from the Garden
  • Garden Fresh
  • Budding Business Roses
  • Chandler Seed Company Inc.
  • Dust Bowl Farms.
  • Sunflower Sale Inc.
  • Gold River Cattle Co.
  • Farmers Credit Community, Inc.
  • Tillage LLC
  • Agri-Machinery Ventures
  • Farm for Food Records
  • Fruit Behemoth
  • Garden of Delight
  • Barnyard Bandits
  • Farm Animals Inc.
  • Agrinum, Inc.
  • Horticulture Services, Inc.
  • Uncle Ben’s Seeds
  • Green Thumb Landscaping
  • Hess Crop Pollination Drones
  • Agriculture Automation LLC
  • Ag Solutions International Ltd.
  • Ag Producers Inc.
  • Agri-sphere Pte. Ltd.
  • Bees and Pollination, Co. Ltd.
  • Big Blue Farms Inc.
  • Harvest Technology Trade Group, LLC
  • Livestock Illustrated Inc.
  • Acre Mini-Farm
  • Bell Farm Seeds, Inc.
  • Carrington Farms Agricultural Enterprise
  • Baker Hauling and Logging Co.
  • Roundup Sales and Services
  • Farmer’s Seed and Fertilizer Company
  • Fertilize Ltd.
  • Furrows International
  • Harvesting Methods Co. Ltd.
  • Corn Belt Quality Products

How to Name Your Agriculture Company?

Agriculture businesses have been around for centuries. The success of an agriculture business comes down to focusing on quality over quantity. Don’t settle for a generic company name. Choose one that clearly conveys what you do, and which you believe will resonate with your target audience.

Most people think that agricultural companies are named after the crops they grow. But that is only part of the story. The real names of agricultural companies never leave your mind. They are the concepts, company names, and slogans that reflect your company’s purpose and how you can communicate with your customers.

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Talk to industry insiders (mentors, peers and competitors) to find out how your business will be perceived by your customers in the market place and industry experts. This helps eliminate confusing similar sounding names and create a unique image for your business. Research to find out current trends and facts of names related to your business sector and audience etc.

Conclusion: Agriculture Company Names

It’s been proven time and time again that having an excellent name for your agricultural company will give it an edge over other competitors in the marketplace so it’s important to start developing solid brand values now.

Now go out there and start making new friends and customers!

We hope that you have found this article helpful. If you have any suggestions or additional suggestions for additional agriculture company names, please feel free to contact us and we will consider them for the next edition of our lists.


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What are the names of agriculture? ›

  • cultivation.
  • culture.
  • horticulture.
  • husbandry.
  • agronomy.
  • tillage.
  • agronomics.

How do I choose a unique company name? ›

Do not choose a name that is undesirable. It essentially means that the name chosen should not be in violation of the Emblems and Names Act, violates trademark or is inclusive of offensive words. The name chosen should not include the word 'State' unless it is a government-run company.

What are the top 5 agricultural? ›

California's Top 10 Agricultural Commodities
  • Dairy Products, Milk — $7.57 billion.
  • Grapes — $5.23 billion.
  • Almonds — $5.03 billion.
  • Cattle and Calves — $3.11 billion.
  • Strawberries — $3.02 billion.

What is the new name of agriculture? ›

Seven decade-old Agriculture Ministry will be renamed as 'Agriculture and Farmers' Welfare Ministry' with a view to take care of the farming community's needs as well as the personal problems faced by them, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced on Saturday. Addressing the nation on the 69th Independence Day, Mr.

What are the 12 types of agriculture? ›

Top 11 Types of Agricultural Practices
  • Pastoral Farming.
  • Arable Farming.
  • Shifting Agriculture.
  • Mixed Farming.
  • Nomadic Agriculture.
  • Sedentary Agriculture.
  • Subsistence Farming.
  • Commercial Agriculture.
4 Jan 2021

What are small farms called? ›

Farms with smaller incomes that sell agricultural products are considered residence farms or intermediate farms. Commercial farms are also owned by a corporation instead of a family or cooperative.

What are the 4 types of farm? ›

Types of Farming
  • Arable: Crops.
  • Pastoral: Animals.
  • Mixed: Crops and animals.
  • Subsistence: Grown just for the farmer and his family.
  • Commercial: Grown to sell.
  • Intensive: High inputs of labour or capital ususally small.
  • Extensive: Low inputs of labour or capital.
  • Sedentary: Permanently in in one place.

What are some creative names? ›

  • Aria.
  • Penelope.
  • Nova.
  • Isla.
  • Rowan.
  • Everly.
  • Brooklyn.
  • August.

What is a famous brand name? ›

Business news: In pictures
RankBrandValue ($m)
66 more rows
5 Oct 2016

What's a cool name? ›

  • Jack.
  • Harper.
  • Jacob.
  • Asher.
  • Aiden.
  • Luna.
  • Wyatt.
  • Leo.

How do I name my company? ›

Guidelines for Business Name Ideas
  1. Understand your business. You need a solid understanding of your business — its purpose, vision, mission and target audience. ...
  2. Use descriptive words. ...
  3. Be literal. ...
  4. Choose a name style. ...
  5. Avoid hard-to-spell names. ...
  6. Tell a story. ...
  7. Get feedback on the name. ...
  8. Don't be too narrow.

What is a catchy name? ›

If you describe a tune, name, or advertisement as catchy, you mean that it is attractive and easy to remember.

How do I name my startup? ›

16 Steps to Name Your Startup
  1. Keep it short.
  2. Make sure it's easy to spell.
  3. Don't restrict growth.
  4. Check the domain name.
  5. Be original.
  6. Say it out loud.
  7. Ask for feedback.
  8. Research social media profiles.
2 Jul 2018

Can 1 business have 2 names? ›

Yes, it is possible for an LLC to operate under more than one DBA at a time. DBAs allow an LLC to use more than one business name without having to form multiple, separate legal entities.

Which country is No 1 in agriculture? ›

1. China. Production – China has only 10% of arable land worldwide and produces a quarter of the global grain output. China leads the agriculture production of fruit, vegetables, cereals, cotton, eggs and poultry.

What is trending in agriculture? ›

The most prevalent trend is the Internet of things (IoT), which enables farmers to better monitor the needs of individual crops and animals. Automation in irrigation, farm machinery, and harvesting further ease farm operations while minimizing losses. Additionally, drones save time spent on crop scouting.

What are the top 3 farm products? ›

According to USDA Economic Research Service (ERS), the top 10 produce crops in the U.S. are:
  • Corn. It is the most widely produced feed grain in the United States, the majority of which goes towards feeding livestock. ...
  • Cotton. ...
  • Fruit. ...
  • Tree Nuts. ...
  • Rice. ...
  • Soybean and Oil Crops. ...
  • Sugar and Sweeteners. ...
  • Vegetables.
21 Jun 2022

What are 6 types of agriculture? ›

6 main types of commercial agriculture in MDCs:
  • Mixed crop and livestock.
  • Dairy farming.
  • Grain farming.
  • Livestock ranching.
  • Mediterranean agriculture.
  • Commercial gardening and fruit farming.

What are the 9 types of agriculture? ›

These 9 different types of agriculture in India are listed below:
  • Commercial agriculture.
  • Plantation agriculture.
  • Subsistence agriculture.
  • Shifting agriculture.
  • Extensive farming.
  • Terrace agriculture.
  • Intensive farming.
  • Wetland farming.

What are the 7 new farming inventions? ›

We'll explore technologies that change the way farmers grow, transport, store, and manage their produce.
  • Bee Vectoring Technologies. ...
  • Precision Agriculture. ...
  • Indoor Vertical Farming. ...
  • Livestock Farming Technology. ...
  • Laser Scarecrows. ...
  • Farm Automation. ...
  • Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) Technology. ...
  • Minichromosome Technology.
26 Jan 2022

What are the 7 steps of agriculture? ›

The 7 steps involved in agricultural practices are mentioned below:
  • Ploughing.
  • Sowing.
  • Adding nutrients.
  • Irrigation.
  • Protecting plants.
  • Harvesting.
  • Storage.

What are the 2 main types of agriculture? ›

Currently, agriculture is divided into two different types, including industrialized agriculture and subsistence agriculture.

What are female farmers called? ›

Farmerette Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster.

What is the synonym of farms? ›

nounextensive manor and its property. acreage. area. country home. country place.

Is agriculture a hobby? ›

AGRICULTURE, HOBBY means small scale agricultural activity such as the raising of livestock, horticulture, greenhouses, apiculture, and market gardening, all of which must be accessory to a principal use, excluding orchards, raising of crops, pasturing of animals, and production of cannabis for commercial use.”

What is class 3 farming? ›

Farming is the act or process of working the ground, planting seeds, and growing edible plants. You can also describe raising animals for milk or meat as farming. Farming is a great way to describe the lifestyle and work of people whose jobs are in the agriculture industry.

What is farm size? ›

Acreage is another way to assess farm size. According to the USDA , small family farms average 231 acres; large family farms average 1,421 acres and the very large farm average acreage is 2,086.

What is a farm in simple words? ›

A farm is an area of land, together with the buildings on it, that is used for growing crops or raising animals, usually in order to sell them.

What are 3 advantages of farming? ›

', keep reading!
  • Farming is Good for Your Health. ...
  • Being a Farmer is Challenging and Stimulating Work. ...
  • It Provides a Source of Income in Rural Areas. ...
  • Farm Work Helps Develop Younger Generations. ...
  • Farming Can Help the Environment Thrive.
5 May 2022

What are the lucky names for business? ›

Examples of Lucky Names for Business
  • Life Clover.
  • White Lotus Magic.
  • Kiss of the Dragon.
  • Seven Heart of Luck.
  • Fairy of Fortune.
  • Seventh Key.
  • Lucky Legion.
  • Crystal Company.

What is an agro name? ›

nickname for a tough individual, from agro 'hard', 'bitter' (Sicilian agru), from Latin acer. habitational name from Agrò in Sicily, named from Greek agros 'field'.

What is catchy name? ›

If you describe a tune, name, or advertisement as catchy, you mean that it is attractive and easy to remember.

What names mean successful? ›

20 Baby Names That Mean 'Successful'
  • 1/20. iStock. AISHA. ...
  • 2/20. iStock. EDITH. ...
  • 3/20. iStock. GWENN. ...
  • 4/20. iStock. MERIDA. ...
  • 5/20. iStock. NICOLE. ...
  • 6/20. iStock. AALIYAH. ...
  • 7/20. iStock. BERNICE. ...
  • 8/20. iStock. CLEO.
13 Nov 2020

What are 4 types of agriculture? ›

Shifting Cultivation, Subsistence farming, Pastoralism, and Intensive farming are the four types of agriculture.

What are 4 agricultural products? ›

Thus agricultural products includes agricultural crops, livestock such as poultry and poultry products, dairy and dairy products, fishery and fishery products, forestry and forestry products, horticulture and horticultural products.

What is agro in Latin? ›

agro m (Latin spelling) vinegar.

Who is the father of agro? ›

Explanation: L A Ramdas is the father of agro-meteorology in India. He was an Indian physicist and meteorologist, devised a system of measuring effective rainfall that included a rain-gauge held below a layer of soil and plants that simulate land.

Is it Agro or agri? ›

Agro- is used to form nouns and adjectives which refer to things relating to agriculture, or to agriculture combined with another activity. ...


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