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Imagine being a recording artist. For a cheap $149, buy one-off beats by top producers to use in your songs.

Gemtracks is a marketplace for original beats and instrumental backing tracks you can use for your own songs.

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Throughout the decades, music has been at the forefront of both fashion and culture. As a result of its roots in urban and rural areas, popular music has brought the world's deepest cultural traditions to light.

The burgeoning music scene in Uk is teeming with vitality and promise. Every day, new music from UK's production companies, which can be found all over the city, is released, ranging from digital to electronic dance music, pop to riff and percussion. Below is the list of the best music production companies in the Uk.

25+ BEST Music Production Companies in UK in 2022 - Gemtracks Beats (1)

It is a London- and Los Angeles-based production company. They have a long history of producing music videos. Producing music videos in record time and on a shoestring budget, they've worked with some of the biggest names in music. Drake, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Rihanna are all on this list. A testament to the quality of Luti Media's productions, their videos have received hundreds of millions of views on YouTube.

Sony Music Entertainment

25+ BEST Music Production Companies in UK in 2022 - Gemtracks Beats (2)

This company's specialty is igniting the flames of inspiration in its employees. From vinyl records to cassette tapes, they've played a key role in many of the most important musical innovations. In this nurturing environment, many well-known musicians in the history of music have flourished and gone on to make seminal records. The company has a vast collection of some of the world's most important recordings. ' Arista Nashville, Beach Street Records, Black Butter Records, and BPG Music are just some of the record labels.

As part of their mission, they support a diverse team of international stars, constructing and self-reliant artists, and luminary founders from more than 60 countries around the globe. They can provide artists with advanced designs and portals, new technologies, trimming tools, and vital perspectives that help them squeeze out their determination to reach potential customers because of the interconnection between music, entertainment, and technology

Last. FM

25+ BEST Music Production Companies in UK in 2022 - Gemtracks Beats (3)

Besides offering customers individualized suggestions based on their musical preferences, it also serves as an online music collection.

Odelay Films

It is a production business specializing in various types of films, including music videos. They have worked with musicians like Ed Sheeran, Stormzy, Pixie Lott, and Rumours to create music videos.

It is committed to operating as a socially and environmentally responsible organization to become carbon neutral by 2022. Furthermore, their project, The Production Trust, attempts to increase diversity inside the production organization.

Universal Music Group (UMG)

25+ BEST Music Production Companies in UK in 2022 - Gemtracks Beats (4)

Recording, production, promotion, and multimedia distribution are just some of the services offered by this leading entertainment organization. With the world's most extensive collection of music recordings and songs, they can identify and nurture new artists and then sell and market the most critically acclaimed and financially successful work. New services, platforms, and marketing techniques are being developed to help their artists and customers better understand what they may expect from their products.

Epik Music Videos

Producing only music videos is the sole focus of this production company founded in 2012. The founders of this firm are lifetime music video fans, and they've set out to create a company that can make music videos more accessible to everyone. They have worked with musicians like Kay Melo, TOOMBS, and Two Penny Blue on music videos.

Hum Music Production

25+ BEST Music Production Companies in UK in 2022 - Gemtracks Beats (5)

UK-based music production firm is a multi-award winner in the music industry. Among its clients are some of the world's most well-known companies and television networks, and it has produced music for films, commercials, and audio branding. One of the company's affiliates is Humtracks, a production music label that caters to musicians. On their website hum.co.uk, you may listen to their music, which has received over thirty international accolades, or you can read their blog to stay up to date on the latest developments.

You may not anticipate it, but the music produced by this production music label, Humtracks, lends itself perfectly to visuals! Sub-publishers around the world distribute their music, which may be found on Spotify and iTunes. Additionally, they offer post-graduate composers one-on-one coaching to assist them in making a move from student to professional.

London Alley

Founded in London and Los Angeles, London Alley produces music videos. Customers' expectations should be exceeded, and they strive to do so with their music videos. They've even been nominated for a Grammy for their music video for the song 1-800-273-8255. They've collaborated with some of the biggest names in the music industry, including The Weeknd, Lil Nas X, Doja Cat & David Guetta, and more. As a result of their extensive network of directors, they can serve a wide range of clientele.

Warner Music Group (WMG)

For more than two centuries, this corporation has represented the world's most prominent musicians, songwriters, and businesses. Asylum, Atlantic, Big Beat, Canvasback, Elektra, and First Night are just a few of the Recorded Music labels owned and operated by this firm. Music publishing company Warner Chappell Music has released more than 1.4 million musical works.

This company's songs range from the Great American Songbook to recent hits topped the Billboard charts. In addition to ADA, the independent artist and label services agency, Warner Music Group includes consumer businesses including Songkick, EMP, and UPROXX

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If you need help with your music videos, look no further than NeedaFixer. They've been in the business for a long time and are still as enthusiastic as they first started. One of these is the development of music videos, in which they tell compelling stories with their visuals to enhance the way music is presented. They've worked with artists like Imagine Dragons, Little Mix, and Alesha Dixon to create music videos that have gone viral.

Universal Music Publishing (UMPG)

25+ BEST Music Production Companies in UK in 2022 - Gemtracks Beats (6)

When individuals start playing Blue Christmas, this company's mood brightens, and spirits soar. Over one million songs are owned by UMPG, which includes Girl from Ipanema, Shake Your Groove Thing, and Strangers in the Night, as well as Hayes/Johnson homage to spending the holidays alone. Ronald Music, a portfolio of tunes from the Beach Boys, Isaac Hayes, and Otis Redding, is administered by Rondor Music. The corporation collects mechanical reproduction royalties and licenses its songs for usage in films and television. Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG) is the company's publishing arm (UMG).


Zebrafish believe that high-quality content may be produced without the need for a large crew spread throughout the globe. In their view, their small stature helps them to carry out their creative process without interruption. Zebrafish has worked with musicians like Ella Henderson, Sum 41, and Pendulum to create music videos.

Ministry of Sound

25+ BEST Music Production Companies in UK in 2022 - Gemtracks Beats (7)

From a bar in London to the world's biggest music brand, Ministry of Sound was founded in 1991.


This digital music company provides long-form material like blogs, radio shows, and club sets.

2002 Studio Media Ltd

It is a music production studio situated in London that specializes in electronic music. They provide a wide range of services, including music and sound for videogames and new media, studio rental, and even speech capture for various media platforms.

A variety of materials, including modest projects for new media such as flash animations and web design, iPhone and mobile apps, and UI, are produced by this firm. They are also in charge of material for medium and large screens. They are focused on Pro-Tools and have an excellent mixing environment to offer you. 2002 Studios also provides a high-quality Audio Mastering service at an affordable price and can accommodate any duplicating needs that may arise.


25+ BEST Music Production Companies in UK in 2022 - Gemtracks Beats (8)

ArtTouchesArt is a professional video production firm that has won numerous awards for its work. Movies and music, according to them, are the two universal languages of the world. These filmmakers view themselves as influenced by the most powerful film movements of the current era. As a music video producer, they have worked with musicians such as John Galea, Moses Concas, and Carina T.

AKM Music

At a fraction of the cost of production music libraries, KM Music provides the highest broadcast quality copyright-Free Music available. For a one-time fee, you can license the music you purchase from AKM Music for limitless use across ALL media formats, including podcasts and websites. There are no lengthy papers or additional expenses to contend with. Pre-cleared for immediate usage, all of our tracks save today's time-crunched producers valuable minutes.

A straightforward, no-frills approach to media project music licensing music for business and television broadcasts worldwide is now available from AKM Music. TV networks like Sky Sports, History Channel, and BBC use AKM's music; it is also used by communications departments like the Armed Forces, National Health Service (NHS), and English Heritage. The long list of satisfied customers is a strong indication of the high caliber of the music available. Because of the trouble-free approach to music licensing that includes over 120 CDs and thousands of quick digital songs, media producers worldwide save time and money without sacrificing audio quality.


25+ BEST Music Production Companies in UK in 2022 - Gemtracks Beats (9)

Video production firm CineEye specializes in a wide range of genres. Whether you're a rookie artist or a seasoned veteran, they'll help you out with music videos. Even though they're a very low-cost music video production firm, their work includes everything from simple clips to more in-depth stories.


Despite specializing in music videos, Northarley Films is a full-service video production company. They record music, film, and videotape live performances. They've received recognition for their efforts, and they're dedicated to making visually stimulating videos that captivate an audience. They create innovative music videos that compliment the songs they collaborate with. Ella Morgan and Eivr are just a couple of the artists with whom they've worked.


Firmative is a company that primarily serves the needs of clients in the music business. A company called Firmative specializes in creating lyric videos for performers from all over the globe. Thanks to documentaries like these, fans may sing along to their favorite songs while also getting a new perspective on the lyrics. They've worked with artists including Rita Ora, KSI & Nathan Dawe, and others.

Army of Id

25+ BEST Music Production Companies in UK in 2022 - Gemtracks Beats (10)

It is a composition and post-production music company. The music they provide can be found in various formats, including traditional and emerging media. They create songs for video and new media productions and DVD authoring, and the generation of digital assets like web pages and multimedia assets. Music/SFX production for Menus/Rollovers and DVD Authoring are their areas of expertise. All DVDs created are specifically tailored to meet the needs of the production.

They also specialize in creating new media, including streaming web content, e-cards, and CD-ROMs. Additionally, they offer DVD authoring and video editing services. All tasks are completed to the best possible standard, and custom music is included in the final delivery.


Audioscores is committed to delivering custom and original music as a long-standing music production company across all media platforms. Their work has been seen worldwide in broadcast, filmmaking, advertising, idents, and game consoles. For the BBC, Sky, and Channel 4, Audioscores has supplied soundtracks, and commercial music for companies like Better Bathrooms and Tradimo Ltd. Music and sound design are two of our favorite things to create at Audioscores. They can create lasting scores for any project with a broad spectrum of skills, no matter how big or little.

Mastermind Media

To meet the needs of its clients, Mastermind Media develops a wide range of videos. You don't have to be a British artist to take advantage of this opportunity! They have worked with many famous musicians whose music videos have garnered millions of views, and their music videos have fantastic production values. They've collaborated with musicians including KSI, Little Mix, and Anne Marie & S-X.


Artful Production Music

25+ BEST Music Production Companies in UK in 2022 - Gemtracks Beats (11)

It is music production company based in Hertfordshire. Garry Judd, a composer who has written music for films, broadcast, theaters, and licensing, is managed and published by the Artful Corporation.

Chris Worth Productions

Chris Worth Productions serves the audio-visual industry as a music publishing firm providing soundtracks for films and television shows. From TV and movies to computer games and websites, they've licensed their music since 1992. They have composed for just about every form of production in the European Union, North America, Asia, South Africa, and Australasia. More than 60 countries have benefited from the work of a talented group of 18 composers who were hand-picked for their abilities as well as their breadth of experience. Custom music is another service offered by the business. British Museum and Imperial War Museum have been among their most recent clientele.

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    Who is the Best music producer 2022? ›

    Jack Antonoff Wins Producer Of The Year, Non-Classical | 2022 GRAMMYs. Jack Antonoff won the GRAMMY for Producer Of The Year, Non-Classical at this year's award ceremony. This is the Antonoff's — whose work this year includes songs by Lana Del Ray, St.

    Who is the biggest music producer in the UK? ›

    Top 8 Music Producers in the UK
    • P2J.
    • Jae5.
    • Skepta.
    • Steel Banglez.
    • Juls.
    • TSB.
    • Swindle.
    • Swifta Beater.
    12 Feb 2022

    How much do beat producers make UK? ›

    The average music producer salary is £33,735 per year. This is an amount usually agreed upon with the artist that's charged at a per-hour rate or as a flat fee and can differ between clients. Additionally, music producers can command a negotiated percentage of an album's revenue that they helped produce.

    Who is the best music producer right now? ›

    Here is our list of all of the best producers of the year 2021.
    1. Inflo.
    2. D'Mile. ...
    3. Tyler, the Creator. ...
    4. GuiltyBeatz. ...
    5. Bandplay. ...
    6. Gianluca Buccelatti. ...
    7. Kal Banx. ...
    8. The Alchemist. ...

    Who will stop making music in 2025? ›

    Chris Martin recently shocked Coldplay fans when he revealed the band plans to stop making new music within the next three years.

    What is the fastest growing music genre 2022? ›

    Overall, total equivalent album units in the U.S. music market grew 9.3% so far in 2022 over the same period in 2021, with on-demand streaming up 11.6% over that span as well. And R&B/hip-hop led the way as both the top genre and the one with the most growth by volume, pacing the market once again.

    Who is the richest UK music artist? ›

    The Sunday Times Rich List 2022: These are the 13 richest musicians in the UK - including Sir Rod Stewart
    1. Paul McCartney. Not many people will be surprised to see Paul McCartney top the list. ...
    2. U2. ...
    3. Lord Lloyd-Webber. ...
    4. Sir Elton John.
    20 May 2022

    Who is the biggest UK artist 2022? ›

    The top hits of 2022 including Harry Styles' As It Was, Fireboy DML and Ed Sheeran's Peru and more. Harry Styles' As It Was continues to reign supreme as the Official biggest single of 2022 so far in the UK, the Official Charts Company can reveal.

    How much do UK producers make? ›

    Average £25,538 per year.

    Can you make a living selling beats? ›

    One of the most common streams of income for aspiring producers is selling beats online. In fact, some make up to six figures a year just selling their beats. If you want to take the beats you've made to the online marketplace, there are a few things you have to understand: pricing, branding, and consistency.

    How much do UK music producers make? ›

    The average salary for a Music Producer is £52,988 in London, UK. Salaries estimates are based on 9 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Music Producer employees in London, UK.

    How much do musicians earn in the UK? ›

    The average salary for a musician is £19,365 per year, although this primarily considers those working for companies and record labels rather than working independently. For example, employers may look for talented musicians to play in marching bands or even orchestras.

    Who is the number 1 music producer? ›

    The 10 best music producers of all-time
    • George Martin. George Martin has to be one of the most famous producers in rock history due to how much he contributed to The Beatles' success. ...
    • Keigo Oyamada. ...
    • Dr. ...
    • Steve Albini. ...
    • Jimmy Page. ...
    • Quincy Jones. ...
    • Kanye West. ...
    • Aphex Twin.
    29 Jul 2022

    What are 5 producers? ›

    Some examples of producers in the food chain include green plants, small shrubs, fruit, phytoplankton, and algae. Actually, all plants are producers.

    Is music Losing Popularity? ›

    It's becoming statistically less popular among all demographic groups. Looking at the United States, the metric known as “Total Album Consumption” of “current music fell by 1.4 per cent in the first half of 2022 compared to a year ago.

    Is music declining in quality? ›

    Due to the technology of compression, loudness is now being manipulated so that even the quietest parts of the song match the loudest parts, which actually create a very mumbled and muddled sound with less vibrancy and dynamics. So in conclusion, music now sounds all the same and the quality is drastically declining.

    What's the future of music? ›

    The future of music will most likely follow the same trends we are seeing in modern technology. It will be incredibly social similar to social media, it will become increasingly computer-based and A.I.

    What type of music is trending now 2022? ›

    Hard rock and blues will become trendy again as many people are increasingly interested in vinyl media. Music fans are also more interested in prog-rock, and psychedelic music as the genre is now famous. These genres seem to be producing many new artists as well.

    Which music genre makes the most money? ›

    In 2022, folk rock and country music was king, with several artists of both genres landing a spot on Forbes's coveted list. Forbes's rankings, like those published occasionally by Billboard, are determined by a consideration of income from touring, music, and outside business ventures, such as publishing.

    What music is trending in 2022? ›

    Hits 2022 - Today's Top Songs
    • I'm Good (Blue) I'm Good (Blue) David Guetta & Bebe Rexha. ...
    • Loser. Loser. Charlie Puth. ...
    • Levitating. Levitating. Dua Lipa. ...
    • Shivers. Shivers. Ed Sheeran. ...
    • Anti-Hero. Anti-Hero. Taylor Swift. ...
    • abcdefu. abcdefu. GAYLE. ...
    • 2 Be Loved (Am I Ready) 2 Be Loved (Am I Ready) Lizzo. ...
    • Miss You. Miss You.

    Who is the biggest selling UK artist? ›

    The Beatles

    Who is richer Adele or Ed Sheeran? ›

    Adele, 33, is the richest female British musician, worth an estimated £130 million and on the cover of UK and US Vogue this month. She beats Sheeran, 30, in terms of awards, winning 15-4 on Grammys and 9-6 on Brits, plus an Oscar to boot.

    Who is the most popular music artist in the UK? ›

    Most famous music artists of all time in the United Kingdom as of the 2nd quarter of 2022
    CharacteristicShare of respondents
    Spice Girls98%
    Elvis Presley98%
    Ed Sheeran98%
    Bob Marley98%
    9 more rows
    6 Sept 2022

    Who is the number 1 music artist 2022? ›

    In celebration of his chart-topping album Un Verano Sin Ti and his seismic impact on global pop, Bad Bunny was named Apple Music's Artist of the Year for 2022.

    What is #1 song right now 2022? ›

    Adele, “Easy on Me

    What is the current #1 song 2022? ›

    "As It Was", the lead single from English singer Harry Styles' third studio album Harry's House (2022), debuted atop the Hot 100 and spent 15 weeks at the top spot—the most for any song in 2022, and the longest reigning number-one song by a soloist in the 64-year history of the chart, surpassing "Candle in the Wind" ( ...

    How much is a BBC producer paid? ›

    The typical BBC Producer salary is £45,000 per year. Producer salaries at BBC can range from £24,793 - £67,298 per year. This estimate is based upon 94 BBC Producer salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods.

    Who do producers get paid? ›

    Producers get their up front fee (advance) and then their points kick in after the recording costs are recouped. But, unlike artist major label deals, once the recording costs are recouped, the producer gets paid from “record one.” Meaning, from the first sale/stream.

    Do producers earn money? ›

    Directors and producers work behind the scenes of movies, television and other industries. While not as prominent as actors, they can make a lot of money working in the film industry.

    How many beats do you need to start selling? ›

    While you could get started with just one or two beats, it's best to have a bare minimum of 10 or so beats before you start selling — and preferably more like 40+. It's even better if those beats span different genres.

    How can I sell my beats fast? ›

    Selling Your Beats Online (Fast)
    1. Audiodraft. Audiodraft is a major player in the space and perfect for those of you looking to build a self-made audio brand in the corporate world. ...
    2. Sellfy. ...
    3. Traktrain. ...
    4. Soundclick. ...
    5. Beatstars. ...
    6. Premium Beat. ...
    7. Audiojungle. ...
    8. Pond5.

    How much do top artists pay for beats? ›

    Nowadays, beats can cost anywhere from $20 to $100,000 or more. It all depends on the quality of the beat and who produced it. If you're looking for a high-quality, industry-standard beat, then you should be prepared to spend at least a few hundred dollars.

    How much do music producers charge UK? ›

    Most music producers work on an hourly basis, with fees starting at around £25 to £55 per hour. Experienced music producers can charge up to £200 per hour, depending on their previous work and level of skill. If you're a music producer on live events, salaries may be more fixed.

    How much do producers get per song? ›

    If you are a newer producer without too much of a reputation, you can expect from $0 to $3,500 per song. If you are considered a mid-level producer, your range increased to $3,500 to $7,000 per song. Finally, if your name carries weight in the music industry, you can receive up to $10,000 to $15,000 per song.

    How do I get into music production UK? ›

    How do I become a Music Producer?
    1. Build a portfolio: Work with local musicians and artists who you find exciting, as this will enable you to gain experience, develop you skills and build a reputation.
    2. Look for an apprenticeship: ...
    3. Get a degree: ...
    4. Search for jobs: ...
    5. You might also be interested in:

    How much does a band make per gig UK? ›

    There are a lot more pubs than venues so these gigs are often easier to get. They can also be a good bit of extra income on the side or working. Most pubs won't have massive budgets to pay you or your band. However, the general consensus on musician forums is to expect around £200 – £300 for a couple of hours.

    Where do musicians get paid the most? ›

    Well, here you go - 10 major revenue streams that'll make up the bulk of any artist's income.
    • CHAPTERS. Streaming Royalties.
    • Music Publishing.
    • Merchandise.
    • Touring & Live Shows.
    • Physical Sales.
    • Sync Deals.
    • Brand Partnerships.
    • Crowdfunding.
    21 Feb 2022

    Do musicians have a salary? ›

    The median hourly wage for musicians and singers was $30.49 in May 2021. The median wage is the wage at which half the workers in an occupation earned more than that amount and half earned less. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $11.47, and the highest 10 percent earned more than $88.77.

    Who is the best beat producer? ›

    Top 10 Best Hip-Hop Producers of All Time
    RankProducerTop Strength
    1Dr. DreWest Coast Style
    2Kanye WestMidwest Style and Flipping Samples
    3Rick Rubin80's Boom-Bap
    4TimbalandThrowback Synth
    6 more rows
    8 Jun 2022

    Who is the most successful producer? ›

    RankNameTotal worldwide box office
    1Kevin Feige$27.389 billion
    2Kathleen Kennedy$12.900 billion
    3Jerry Bruckheimer$12.282 billion
    4David Heyman$11.898 billion
    6 more rows

    How do I find a producer for my music? ›

    If you want to find a producer you can do it a number of ways:
    1. The Music Directory lists producers. ...
    2. Contact producers of bands and songwriters you admire. ...
    3. Ask around at local colleges or studios that run courses in production. ...
    4. Produce yourself and make the most of your engineer.

    What are the 3 types of producers? ›

    The different types of producers include: Executive producer. Associate producer. Producer.

    What are the 2 types of producers? ›

    The two types of producers are photoautotrophs and chemoautotrophs. Photoautotrophs use energy in sunlight to make food and chemoautotrophs use energy stored in inorganic molecules to make food.

    What are 3 examples producers? ›

    Producers, also called autotrophs, include plants, bacteria, and algae. Plants get energy from the sun and turn it into food, a sugar called glucose. This process is called photosynthesis.

    How do you get your song famous? ›

    How to Promote Your Music
    1. Work on digital marketing. ...
    2. Create an electronic press kit. ...
    3. Create a website. ...
    4. Host your music on streaming platforms. ...
    5. Use email marketing. ...
    6. Pitch yourself to music blogs. ...
    7. Reach out to playlist curators. ...
    8. Connect with fans through live shows.
    16 Feb 2022

    How can I make my songs famous? ›

    Conduct promotional outreach. Music publications, blogs, podcasts, and radio stations have established followings interested in music. While social media provides the potential to reach new people, promotional content places your music in front of a relevant audience ready to find their next favorite band.

    How do I make my own song famous? ›

    How to become a famous singer
    1. Work on your vocal technique.
    2. Sing and write amazing songs.
    3. Become a great performer.
    4. Believe you can be famous.
    5. Own your look and style.
    6. Know your core audience.
    7. Get recording in the studio.
    8. Make engaging videos.
    19 Mar 2019

    Who is the most popular song of 2022? ›

    "As It Was", the lead single from English singer Harry Styles' third studio album Harry's House (2022), debuted atop the Hot 100 and spent 15 weeks at the top spot—the most for any song in 2022, and the longest reigning number-one song by a soloist in the 64-year history of the chart, surpassing "Candle in the Wind" ( ...

    Who is the most listened artist 2022? ›

    The top 100 most-streamed artists of 2022 is experiencing a rap takeover. Sitting at number one is Drake, who is now this year's top-streamed artist so far with at 6.7 billion in streams.

    What song was #1 the longest? ›

    "Old Town Road" holds the record for the longest stretch at No. 1 with 19 weeks. It also became the fastest song in history to be certified diamond.

    Who is #1 artist on Spotify? ›

    As of November 2022, Taylor Swift has the most monthly listeners on Spotify for a female artist, and The Weeknd has the most monthly listeners on Spotify for a male artist. Ed Sheeran is the most-followed male artist, and Ariana Grande is the most-followed female artist.

    What song is number 1 right now 2022? ›

    The chart of today's current hit top pop songs 2022 on iTunes is several times daily and was last updated: Pacific Time. The current number one pop song on iTunes right now is Made You Look by Meghan Trainor.

    What are the top 10 songs in the UK right now? ›

    UK Top 50 | Chart Hits 2022
    • PSYCHO. Anne-Marie and Aitch. Anne-Marie and Aitch. ...
    • I'm Good (Blue) David Guetta and Bebe Rexha. David Guetta and Bebe Rexha. ...
    • Miss You. Oliver Tree and Robin Schulz. ...
    • Anti-Hero. Taylor Swift. ...
    • Celestial. Ed Sheeran. ...
    • The Motto. Tiësto and Ava Max. ...
    • Cold Heart (PNAU Remix) Elton John and Dua Lipa. ...
    • abcdefu. GAYLE.

    Who is 2nd in Spotify? ›

    Most streamed artists on Spotify – Results
    #ArtistLead Streams
    1Drake Up to date data52,571,085,453
    2Bad Bunny 1 day(s) old data48,087,974,376
    3Ed Sheeran 1 day(s) old data39,340,354,023
    4Taylor Swift Up to date data37,154,311,548
    96 more rows

    Who is the 1st artist on Spotify 2022? ›

    As of January 2022, the artist with the most monthly listeners on Spotify worldwide was The Weeknd, closely followed by Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran. At that time, Justin Bieber had a total of 77.08 million monthly listeners on the streaming service.

    What is the most successful album of 2022? ›

    The top albums of 2022 including Harry Styles, George Ezra, Liam Gallagher, Central Cee and more. Harry Styles pulls off an impressive Official Charts double, as Harry's House is named the Official biggest album of 2022 so far by the Official Charts Company.


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    5. PRO in GarageBand vs BEGINNER in Logic Pro!
    (Nathan James Larsen)
    6. How To Make Your 1st Song In GarageBand (GarageBand Tutorial For Beginners)
    (The Songwriting Studio)
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